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Thread: Mantis and Superman Punch

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    Key Difference

    Superman demonstrated in the video above at the 24 second mark.

    Note that in the superman punch, the kicking leg stays OFF the ground, and the front foot skips.

    In Mantis Boxing, the rear leg initiates the launch, then switches to posting leg position, with the FRONT leg kicking/faking, so that we can get to work with TLQ hands.


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    I put a small picture of a Superman punch on this page
    Tampa Kungfu

    They were just joking around after class, but I put it on the website because I thought it looked fun.

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    There is nothing new on this earth. Cavemen were probably beating each other up with the same punch.
    Originally posted by Bawang
    i had an old taichi lady talk smack behind my back. i mean comon man, come on. if it was 200 years ago,, mebbe i wouldve smacked her and took all her monehs.
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    i am manly and strong. do not insult me cracker.

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