I thought this was about Snow and the Seven at first. It's not. It's Wong Jing & Sammo....

Filming of “Princess and Seven Kung-fu Masters” (Sammo Hung)

Princess And Seven Kung Fu masters is the latest project from director Wong Jing (City Hunter) and will star kung fu legends Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah.


During the early years of the Republic era, in the North-East region of China, the people are suffering from the power struggle among the local Warlords, bandits, and Japanese invaders. Warlord Lam (Sammo Hung), is not a leader of great vision, but having a patriotic heart, stands firm in his own beliefs, despite the several solicitations and temptations from Japan.

The only ‘paradise’ within the region is ‘Lucky Town’, the one place where no one dared to attack. Rumors abound that this place is cursed, for whenever anyone attempted to invade Lucky Town, they would disappear and vanish without a trace. In reality, there are seven kung fu masters who have retreated into the shadows and resided here. They are Manysons (Eric Tsang) Madonna (Sandra Ng) and Madonhung (Xie Na), the owners of a steamed bread shop Nam Mor Bing (Yuen Wah), the Taoist priest ***** Four (Wong Cho Lam), the tailor Little Trumpet (Ronald Cheng), the cosmetic salesman and Mamasan Maggie (Natalie Meng), the brothel owner. Every one of them is a master in his own right, keeping Lucky Town in peace.

Lam’s daughter, Cheryl (Kimmy Tong) is very fond of culinary arts, and often does grocery shopping in Lucky Town. She is pretty and lovely and very much favoured by the Seven Masters, especially ***** Four who falls for her at first sight and regards her as his dream lover.

The Japanese secret agent, Kiyoko Kurosawa (Monica Mok), allied with traitors from the Tiger’s Den: Tiger Hong, Jaguar Hong and Phoenix Hong (Jiang Luxia), to set up a secret outpost to send secret-coded messages back to Japan. Young patriots, Yan Fang (Rose Chan) who disguised herself as a man, and Howard Luo (Dennis To), infiltrate Tiger’s Den at night, trying to steal the code book. They lose the fight to the Hongs, Howard sacrifices himself to save Yan who was wounded.

On the run, Yan is rescued by Cheryl. Mistaking Yan as a man, Cheryl falls for Yan. She then brings Yan to Lucky Town and begs the Seven Masters to cure Yan.

On the other hand, Warlord Lam saves a pretty lady and grows fond of her. This lady is actually Kiyoko Kurosawa in disguise. Using Ninjutsu skills, Kiyoko seduces Lam and controls his will. She then organises a wedding for Lam and herself, in the hope of becoming the warlord’s wife so she can control Lam’s army. On the wedding day, Cheryl and the Seven Masters arrive in time to ruin her wedding plans. Lam regains his senses finally and unites together with the Seven Masters, to fight against Kiyoko and the Hongs.


Sammo Hung, Siu-Lung Leung, Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Wah Yuen, Ronald Cheng, Na Xie, Luxia Jiang, Dennis To, Shi Xing Yu, Timmy Hung, Philip Ng, Rose Chan, Yao Meng.

Release Date:2012