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Thread: Movement Science and Internal Power [Video]

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    Quote Originally Posted by pazman View Post
    Yep, mentioning Hatsumi really adds credibility to a post.
    Yeah I agree, no credibility at all.

    The guy only personally trained with Hatsumi for many years. And was then asked by him (Hatsumi) personally to teach internal arts in order to keep them from becoming extinct among many of the new practitioners of Ninjutsu.

    We all know Hatsumi has no idea at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenshu View Post
    All you said is that "internal" = body mechanics.

    It ended up in the same lame place because that's where you started.
    Not exactly. I SHOWED what the body mechanics are and how they can be measured.

    This whole dismissal of "internal" martial arts reminds me a lot of the debate over the efficacy of Chinese medicine. Yes, there's a lot of hocus pocus but some of it actually works--and sometimes BETTER than western treatments. You can only find these things out by applying scientific methods as these Stanford researchers have done in the video.

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