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Thread: Beaten to death - one punch kill

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    Man Dies From Punch to Face

    I'd suggest torture for the perp, but maybe just beheading him and putting his kopf on a post to warn others would be better....

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    Beaten to death - one punch kill

    Article about the Zimmerman thing, but contains some interesting statistics about the lethality of fist fighting, and why.
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    people are fragile

    if we strike the vital point with a punch or a kick

    knock out

    or death

    may occur.

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    That is interesting...

    We've discussed this case on the Trayvon Martin thread, and I was going to merge but then decided this has different discussion potential as it stands. Those are good stats so I'm c&ping them into the forum archive here.

    Punched to Death
    How easy is it to kill a man with your bare hands?

    By Brian Palmer|Posted Friday, May 18, 2012, at 7:02 PM ET

    It happens more than twice a day, on average. Fists and feet were responsible for 745 murders in 2010, or 5.7 percent of all murders that year, according to FBI statistics. (The data on this have been remarkably stable in recent years. In the five preceding years, the percentage of murders perpetrated by fists or feet fluctuated between 5.6 and 6.1.) It doesn’t even take an experienced brawler to punch someone to death: An 11-year-old California girl appears to have killed a classmate with her bare hands in a February fistfight.

    There are no official statistics on this, but most fistfight deaths are the result of massive internal bleeding from repeated blows, often after the victim has been knocked down or unconscious. Still, under certain circumstances it’s possible to kill a man with a single punch. In July, for example, a Florida man was arrested for killing someone with a haymaker in a Las Vegas casino.

    Boxers describing a classic knockout punch talk about snapping their opponent’s head back or turning it around. That’s because punching someone unconscious—or killing them—usually results from the rotational forces placed on the head, not from the direct impact of the fist itself. A hook to the side of the head, or an uppercut to the chin, can send the head spinning, which breaks blood vessels inside the skull. In these cases, victims may die of internal bleeding hours after the fight, with friends and emergency medical personnel never realizing what was going on.

    Sometimes the rotational forces on the head leave the blood vessels intact but stress the neurons to the point that they cease to function normally, causing a loss of consciousness. The victim then smashes his head on the concrete, which causes bleeding or other catastrophic brain injury. This scenario played out in 2003, when a drunken bar fly in San Diego killed a former Marine with a sucker punch. (Zimmerman’s attorneys will likely emphasize the danger of pavement in a fistfight, as police photos show injuries to the back of his head.)

    Biomechanics research shows why these one-punch deaths are rare events. Automotive and athletic safety experts use a measure called the Head Injury Criterion to determine the lethality of knocks to the head. A score of 1,000 indicates that the impact would cause a life-threatening injury to one in six people. Olympic boxers can only punch up to around 164 on the scale, according to a study from 2005. The element of surprise is a major factor. A person who knows he’s going to be punched braces himself and tenses his neck muscles, preventing rapid rotation. (That’s why boxers work hard to develop their neck strength.)

    Body blows can also kill under some circumstances. A punch aimed directly at the heart, delivered at a particular moment in the heart’s beating sequence, can cause it to go into a deadly arrhythmia. The condition, known as commotio cordis, usually occurs during sporting events but has also been seen in fistfights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    We've discussed this case on the Trayvon Martin thread, and I was going to merge but then decided this has different discussion potential as it stands. Those are good stats so I'm c&ping them into the forum archive here.
    Proof once again that Dim Mak works

    I also think you'll find many instances where the human body takes a beating without suffering ill effects. The human body is both delicate and resilient. I guess it depends on the location of the strike and how prepared the recipient is for the punch. Interesting stuff.

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    There is one thing we need to remember and that was that the "one punch, one kill" thing was referring to "coup de grace" on one side and to instill the proper notion of "every strike should end the fight" principle that SOME MA systems had.
    The fact that those MA that were good enough to be "one shot knockout masters" can be counted on "one hand", much like in boxing for example, shows that TRUE "one shot, one kill" fighters were and still are, very rare.
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    as in most Martial Arts, the concept of "One shot, one kill," is an ideal-something to strive for, like achieving perfection, not actually to be reached.
    I tell my students,"We strive for perfection, because on the way to perfection, excellence will be reached."
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    "I will not be part of the generation
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    This is a debate since time long ago.

    We may land a decisive hit or move at first try.

    We may use several moves in a row to defeat the opponent.

    The first idea would be like a bomber. We drop a bomb to wipe out the area.

    The second idea would be like a fighter. We fire a salvo of bullets with machine guns. We rain bullets and hopefully at least one would hit.

    Both are valid.

    Both are per sued.

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    Don't rely on one shot guys, have something to back it up (unless you are Jackie Chan!)

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    Another case

    I see this the opposite way, gongfupanda. It's more of a caveat than a strategy. One punch could be lethal by accident, and then you're up for manslaughter.

    Bay to Breakers victim 'incredibly positive'
    Jaxon Van Derbeken
    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    In his late 20s, in the midst of the recession, Stephen Martin parlayed his job as a property manager into a niche business - calculating the costs for condominium associations and the rates they should charge residents.

    At 30, he had his business starting to take off. During his downtime, the 6-foot-4 dynamo was a fitness fanatic who loved tennis, worked out and ran races, including the Bay to Breakers.

    He was celebrating the May 20 race in typical San Francisco fashion, wearing a bright-green wig as he gathered with friends dressed as troll dolls at Golden Gate Park. They were hanging out with a group of strangers when someone abruptly ended the Santa Clara man's promising future with a single punch.

    The blow from one of the strangers knocked Martin to the pavement, and he never regained consciousness. On Friday, after being removed from life support, he died at San Francisco General Hospital.
    'Tragic crime'

    The attack happened during the second year of a crackdown on drinking and unruly behavior during an event that has become synonymous with San Francisco's lightheartedness. The race's rowdyism, however, had never taken such a sinister turn.

    "This is a tragic crime," police Cmdr. John Loftus said Monday. "This gentleman finished running the Bay to Breakers race several hours before, he was socializing with this group, and now he's dead."

    The punch came from a man in a group of about a dozen post-race revelers, who included men wearing 49ers jerseys and a woman in an orange tutu, police said. Investigators released photos showing Martin, his friends and some members of the group, taken shortly before the attack at Sharon Meadow, and appealed for people who might have videos or other photos to contact them in hopes of making an arrest.

    "We need all the pictures we can get to make the case," Police Chief Greg Suhr said at a news conference. "We can't get enough photographs."
    Cell phone dispute

    Police gave few details about what led up to the attack, which happened around 5 p.m., several hours after the race ended. Loftus said it involved a dispute over a cell phone but did not elaborate. He also said it may have been gang related, while hastening to add that Martin had not been in a gang.

    One reason for the appeal for additional photos, police said, is that investigators haven't come up with a specific suspect. Police have identified some but not all of the people in the photos they released, Loftus said.

    "Any one of these people may have assaulted Stephen Martin," he said.
    'Where is the justice?'

    Friends and associates struggled with the chain of events that cut Martin's life short.

    "I'm really heartbroken," said Linda Schoeffner, who consulted with Martin's firm, SMA California, in coming up with costs and charges for condo associations. "I can't believe he was gone. He's definitely going to be missed in this industry."

    "It's crazy; it's so pointless and senseless," said Erik Sundquist, a former contractor who worked with Martin at SMA. "Where is the justice in the world where that happens?"

    Sundquist said he and Martin met in acting class three years ago. Martin was not interested in pursuing acting, but offered Sundquist a chance to reinvent himself following the 2008 economic collapse.

    Martin told him he had studied economics at UC Santa Barbara and had hit upon a way to rapidly and accurately determine what homeowners should pay to condo associations for upkeep.

    "He gained some experience and came up with an innovation," Sundquist said. "Innovation, that was one of his key qualities."

    Sundquist added, "The business started modestly, and then business was growing. One of the most tragic things in this is that Stephen had such a vision of what he was going to do with the business. Now it's a shame he won't see it come to fruition. He was kicking butt."
    Trying to save business

    Sundquist hopes to keep the company alive. "The one thing I can do to honor his legacy and what he did," he said, "is to keep it moving in the direction he wanted to go.

    "It would have been amazing to see where he would have taken all this, and how quickly," Sundquist said. "He was an incredibly positive, energetic person who you would have been better off for having met."

    Chronicle staff writer Will Kane contributed to this report.

    Tips on slaying

    Police seek photos or videos of Stephen Martin, above, and his friends or the people they met in Golden Gate Park, or other details about the fatal attack. Call (415) 575-4444 or text TIP411.

    Jaxon Van Derbeken is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: Twitter: @jvanderbeken
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    Hey, it happened to Sagacious Lu.
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    ttt 4 2018

    Vid behind the link. So senseless and tragic.

    SEE IT: Sheriff's deputy killed by single punch to the head following traffic collision
    Thursday, January 4, 2018, 1:45 PM

    A 70-year-old, off-duty sheriff's deputy is dead after a fellow driver punched him in the skull.

    San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deputy Lawrence Falce had braked his vehicle to avoid hitting two dogs when he got rear-ended by Alonzo Leron Smith.

    In footage captured by a surveillance camera setup by a nearby store, Smith and Falce can be seen briefly talking to one another on New Year's Eve before Smith appears to strike the veteran law enforcement official in the head, sending him to ground where his skull then collides with the pavement.

    "This person needs to spend the rest of his life in prison," San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos told the LA Times. "We need to get this career criminal off the streets who's been in prisons and jails ever since he was able to be tried as an adult."

    San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputy Lawrence Falce (SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT)
    According to Ramos, Smith has been in prison for selling marijuana and gang activity.

    After the brutal blow, the assailant attempted to flee only to have a witness try and stop him.

    "He jumped in his car and tried to leave, so I rammed him once and then I backed up and he was able to go around my actual truck," the unidentified witness told KTLA, "so I rammed him a second time in the back of his car and spun him out across the street and into a … tree."

    Regardless, Smith still managed to escape, leaving the witness to cradle Falce while they waited for paramedics.

    Ohio cop fatally shot during domestic dispute call, suspect dead
    Falce's attacker would eventually be arrested 12 hours later while the sheriff's deputy succumbed to his injuries Tuesday evening after getting placed on life support.

    Falce has been with the sheriff's department for 36 years.

    Meanwhile, Smith pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges at his arraignment on Wednesday and is being held at the San Bernardino County jail on $1 million bail.

    He is back in court Jan 9.
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    Murder of Deputy Lawrence Falce was caught on video

    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    Vid behind the link. So senseless and tragic.
    The full uncensored "eyewitness" video is here:

    It's the first vid on that item page. It was very hard to find, no telling how long it will be there. American news media either chopped and diced it or censored it - apparently also kept off youtube. Even one news outlet that was pretending to show the video said "We won't show you the punch"
    Yeah ,well thanks for nothing and wasting my time with the fake misleading cutline. Right real snowflake of them.
    It was nothing much, just one swing, he went down backwards full length and never moved - probably hit his head on the cement. He was totally unprepared for sudden violence from an angry suspect. Maybe every police office should watch some Richard Grannon or Geoff Thompson on preparedness or fence-like tactics The perp's preliminary behaviour was red flag to the max. But nanny state in the UK banned Richard Grannon videos and the deputy apparently was a nerd ardently pursing bad guys but more on the computer side of things
    Anyway, crud happens, it's the Tao of Crud.
    No word on whether the "itinerant gang member" was a "dreamer" or illegal immigrant/invader. No yes or no. I looked..the subject doesn't exist.."crickets". The MSN Globalists would never report honestly on anything undermines their political agenda or something that they are responsible for creating. That's to be expected.
    Long ago I read of a couple giving blood just after their wedding. The guy was a little dizzy, fell hit his head and died.
    Every move you make, every breath you take, your life hangs by a thread. Death is watching you.
    The Innuit, used to be, if they killed someone by accident they would take their clothes off, lie down in the snow and die with them. I guess it's not cold enough in Cali.
    Killing somebody is killing somebody and the killer doesn't belong in the world anymore. They can be rehabilitated in the next life.
    "Manslaughter" is a snowflake policy for a generation that has been indoctrinated to be victims and not protect their existence.

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    “extremely poor health”

    "the punch itself was not fatal" Nevertheless, something to consider when punching racists.

    Anyone know which states carry a “duty to retreat” provision?

    A man hurled racist slurs and a punch at a FedEx driver — then died after he was punched back


    By Alex Horton November 21

    Timothy Warren was driving his FedEx truck through a verdant neighborhood in Portland, Ore., when the man he would soon kill screamed that Warren was going too fast.

    Warren stopped his truck. He was exhausted, he tried to explain to Joseph Magnuson that day in late September, and just wanted to get done with his work.

    Magnuson was unrelenting and hurled numerous aggressive insults and racist slurs at him.

    That was something Warren, who is black, could not abide.

    He stepped out of the truck, and both men yelled at each other.

    Magnuson took a swing. Warren swung back, connecting a single blow above Magnuson’s left eye that sent him tumbling to the ground.

    Magnuson, 55, briefly lost consciousness, then died later that evening.

    Prosecutors, however, have decided not to charge Warren, 41, with a crime. He did not intend to kill Magnuson and acted in self-defense during the Sept. 26 incident, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office said in a memo released Monday.

    Magnuson’s death from the fall was precipitated by “extremely poor health,” a medical examiner concluded, and the punch itself was not fatal, Senior Deputy District Attorney Adam Gibbs wrote.

    Warren was within his legal right to challenge Magnuson’s “racist vitriol,” Gibbs noted, and said that Warren’s decision to confront Magnuson — rather than ignore him — was not legally significant.

    [She was ‘white and hot’ in a racist rant. Now #SouthParkSusan is charged with misusing 911.]

    Prosecutors and police pieced together the events using accounts from six eyewitnesses with different views of the fight; three of them observed the entire encounter. They all maintained that Warren had driven at an acceptable speed and that Magnuson started the incident and then escalated it.

    “They report,” Gibbs wrote, “that Mr. Magnuson then ‘very aggressively’ began yelling at Mr. Warren to slow down. Mr. Warren stopped his truck while Mr. Magnuson continued to berate him. The witnesses agree that Mr. Magnuson called Mr. Warren a ‘****ing ******’ in combination with other aggressive and abusive phrases ‘over and over again.’ ”

    The three witnesses who saw the entire incident said Magnuson threw a drink before he threw the first punch.

    Warren cooperated with police and gave statements consistent with eyewitness accounts, Gibbs wrote in his memo.

    He could not be reached for comment.

    Magnuson was living in a van near the park where the deadly encounter occurred, district attorney spokesman Brent Weisberg told The Washington Post.

    A friend of Magnuson who lived with him, identified only as “Mr. Bayle,” told prosecutors that he did not see the altercation and only heard Magnuson yell at Warren to slow down. But he said he believed nothing would have occurred had Warren kept driving.

    Gibbs agreed.

    “However,” the prosecutor wrote, “the decision by Mr. Warren, who is black, to not let the racist vitriol to which he was being subjected go unanswered is not of legal significance . . . Mr. Warren was within his right to exit his vehicle and verbally challenge the manner in which Mr. Magnuson was addressing him.”

    Oregon law does not carry a “duty to retreat” provision that would have required Warren to reasonably remove himself from danger, Gibbs wrote.

    “Mr. Magnuson’s actions, as reported by all three witnesses and Mr. Warren, gave rise to a reasonable belief on Mr. Warren’s part that a limited use of force was necessary to prevent injury to himself,” Gibbs wrote.

    The announcement by the prosecutor’s office on Monday was the first public mention of Magnuson’s death and the ensuing investigation, the Oregonian reported; it was unclear why prosecutors had only recently released information about the incident.

    It was the fourth homicide in Portland this year later determined the result of self-defense. The people defending themselves in three of those incidents, including Warren, were working when they were attacked, according to the Oregonian.

    It’s unclear whether Warren still works for FedEx; a company spokeswoman declined to answer a question about his employment status.

    The company said it “fully cooperated with law enforcement during the investigation of this unfortunate incident. We extend our condolences to all those affected,” FedEx Ground spokeswoman Nikki Mendicino said in a statement.
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    forcing him to fall backwards and hit his head

    The bottom line here is that if ever you punch someone, be prepared to get busted for manslaughter.

    Philadelphia Man Allegedly Killed with Single Punch After Asking Dog Owner to Put Leash on Pet
    Harriet Sokmensuer
    January 10, 2019

    Philadelphia Man Allegedly Killed with Punch in Dog Dispute

    What started as an evening walk with his fiancée and dog ended in tragedy for a Philadelphia man who died after he asked another dog owner to put his dog on a leash, according to police reports obtained by multiple outlets.

    On Saturday, Drew Justice, his fiancée and their Shih Tzu went for a walk in Gold Star Park. Witnesses told police Justice was attacked when he asked another dog owner to put a leash on his pet, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

    “He was scared” of the dog, resident Anthony Barosso told NBC10.

    The owner allegedly punched the 38-year-old in the face in response, forcing him to fall backwards and hit his head, according to local station CBS3, citing police reports.

    Justice was taken to a local hospital, the Inquirer reports. He succumbed to his injuries later that night, according to a police news release obtained by PEOPLE. He lived across the street from the South Philadelphia park, according to the Inquirer.

    On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office announced that Justice died of blunt force trauma, the paper reports.

    “I just don’t understand why someone would be so filled with rage to hit someone over something so insignificant,” a neighbor told CBS3.

    On Monday, his alleged attacker, Matthew Oropeza, 24, was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter, terroristic threats, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person, the news release states.

    A witness described the attack to CBS3: “Everything happened quickly. There was no grand argument or dramatic scuffle,” the unidentified woman said. “Just several lives crossing at what has proven to be an irrevocably tragic moment in time.”

    It is unclear whether Oropeza has an attorney or has entered a plea.

    Those with information regarding the incident are urged to call Philadelphia Police at 215-686-8477.
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