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Thread: Royal Dragon's Women

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    Quote Originally Posted by RD'S Alias - 1A View Post
    Yeah, You guys are right of course. Besides, anyone following the thread has already seen it, and I already made my point.
    In the future, unless you have permission OR the picture is from a public venue, don't post pics of people without their permission.
    Originally Posted by bawang:
    you will never be ready to spar, wing chun subhuman. your muscle have atrophied to size of a paraplegic from years of sil nim tao.

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    "If Ashida wished you to know his real name, I am sure he would write to you and tell you himself." --Danny Sainty

    "So, you supposed martial artists, what are you trining for? Who are you training to fight? Apparently no one. Because even in a hypothetical situation, you puss out, Ha! Ha!" --Ashida Kim

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