This is so horrible. I've been stretched this way at Shaolin. It sucks. But the monks always knew how far to push. This dance coach is an *******.

6-year-old girl left paralyzed in legs after dance class stretching gone wrong
Heartbreaking video shows the little girl unable to get up soon after her teacher forces her leg above her head
by Alex Linder October 25, 2019 in News

Asix-year-old girl has tragically been left paralyzed after apparently being stretched too far at dance class.

Heartbreaking surveillance footage from the dance studio in Henan’s Pingdingshan city shows the little girl, named Tongtong, lying on the floor as an instructor pushes her leg above her head.

When Tongtong gets up, she walks with a noticeable limp. After sitting down, she finds that she’s unable to move her legs or stand back up again. When teachers help her up, her legs are unable to hold her own weight.

At the hospital, Tongtong was diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. Her mother, surnamed Li, told reporters that doctors had given her daughter only a one-third chance of recovery.

Li said that her daughter loved to dance and had been practicing for two years. She said that the dance school was initially helpful but had stopped visiting and responding to her calls when Tongtong’s condition failed to improve.

The academy told reporters that while it paid for the girl’s hospital fees initially out of “goodwill” it would not continue doing so, arguing that for something like this to happen the girl must have had some “underlying problems” that they are not responsible for.