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Thread: Kettlebell DVD Recommendations

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    Maybe for huge gorilla hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by IronFist View Post
    Hadn't heard of that company. Googled them.

    Their KB handles look bigger than others, like the ball part is further away.

    Not saying that's good or bad, just saying.

    Then they have these other ones that look more normal:

    They are a bit different, but I don't feel it makes a noticable difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
    As Lee Morrisson would say : Kettlebells are a good piece of kip. I've seen his 2 volume video set "Kettlebell Training For Enhancing Combative Skills".
    It's a very good video set. As a RBSD or Urban Combatives instructor he focuses on using explosive power in unexpected situations so the tape has a lot of good advice and methods and exercises that may not be found elsewhere.
    After a while one can improvise applying kung fu foundation and do twisting, punching, swing arms etc. Also you can add weight such as clean kettlebells to the shoulders and do stance work both stationary and moving. And of course it improves the grip as well.
    You need a good gym or home equipped with a lot of kettlebell sizes as you have to progress the weights in training and use different ones for different exercise. They can get quite expensive if you have to buy them yourself.
    I really enjoy kettlebell workouts - as my favorite kinds of "kip" - it's lots of good dynamic exercise for strength , explosiveness and endurance.

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    Here's an interesting youtube channel "Kettlebell Combatives"

    (I originally wrote this in response to the thread asking for advice on "explosive power" )
    Or just buy a set of dumbbells and save yourself a lot of money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frost View Post
    Or just buy a set of dumbbells and save yourself a lot of money
    I agree. There is alot of talk about the "benefits" of using KB's and their unbalance etc. Cost vs. benefits, I say buy a good dumbbell set.

    I hand made a two handed kettlebell using some iron pipes from the local hardware store. Cost was less than 10 dollars
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