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Thread: Bak Mei Seung Gwai (double tonfas)

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    Bak Mei Seung Gwai (double tonfas)

    Found this clip of a smooth performance of Bak Mei's "seung gwai" form, not sure what others think but I found it quite good!

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    Its pretty much unknown isnt it, no opinions. I heard this isnt standardized anyway, each school just has their own version of the Seung Gwai.

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    I found there is quite some variation indeed. (Never learned this myself). Here are some others:

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    At our club it's called Wui Wan Sheung Gwai. Unfortunately I never got a chance to see it and I have moved too far away to attend regular classes. I'm happy to just practice what I already learned anyways. It was never really about the fighting for me. For combat I use other disciplines and use the bak mei philosophies with that.

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    Actually the only weapon Ive seen the same in all Bak Mei schools is the staff, Daai Jun Gwun! Other than that it seems to vary alot, often being different forms entirely! Maybe Bak Mei has been either very protective of their weapons, or simply never emphasized them.

    The "seung gwai" is supposed to be the only original weapon of Bak Mei though. And the 2 staffs were quite famous weapons of Jeung Lai Cheun that he developed for teaching the military or something. Others maybe just things he picked up here and there, no one seems to know.

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