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Thread: Wah Lum and the Heaven Ascended Taoist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul T England View Post
    Nice info.

    Is the bai Fo sequence the same as 7 Stars mantis Lohan gung #2?

    Now, no. It is not the same. Similar.
    My hope when writing this article was to show some links between what students do today with what was done long ago.

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    biyn jiu

    chatted with my friend today. he is still in japan but said the guys name was Hong or Huang, he had leaned from his grandfather.
    Hong later moved to south Vietnam and became a bodyguard for high ranking government officials.
    I guess he may have been there the same time as Chui Chuk Kai as my friend said they were friends and the guy showed him old video of stuff and Chui Chuk Kai was in some of it.
    He said they had lots of 2 person weapons sets and the 2 person empty hand sets had lots of close trapping and take downs.
    Unfortunately he did not get the lineage from Hong or his grandfather's name but hong came from zhengzhou, china, not sure if he was born there or what.

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    Tam Tui Jut Sow

    I was reading old posts and cam upon one that stated that; Tam Tui Jut Sow is the only recognized Shaolin art here in the US. Is this true?

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    you are joking right??

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