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Thread: 7* Iron Mantis Form

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    7* Iron Mantis Form

    Master Tse posted this on Youtube:

    I do not know this form, but I wish I did (yes I'm the same guy who'll bash on other threads and forums with my opinion of there being a danger in having too many forms and being too focused on forms accumulation as a measure of rank over the actual application of skill through free sparring) Anyway...

    I really like the fluidity displayed by this practitioner with this form. I don't see this type of movement displayed a lot in 7*

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    I actually know 2 versions of Iron Fist, both came from Li Kun Shan - Li Hong Jie - Shi Zheng Zhong. They are from PB Mantis and have nothing to do with this one (or I couldn't see any ressemble). Shibo Kevin Brazier have 3 articles about it in his website. It's worth a closer look.
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    I learned the form "Iron Fist" from Shifu Brazier and he told me it was a Long Fist form that Li Kun Shan incorporated into his Tanglang. I`m pretty sure he told me it was the first form he taught, LKS that is.

    Iron Mantis is a nice form for sure.
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