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Thread: Wing chun videos, share please :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali. R View Post
    This is a very pragmatic concept, Iím not the only one; any good fighter can do this against those who donít have a clue; like you.

    Just show the mark.
    Now that I know you desperately want people to watch your sadly dismal video clip for your youtube ratings I will decline to watch it again and provide a mark. Everyone who has bothered to watch the clip and who knows anything about wing chun or fighting in general will be able to see exactly what I described without needing a mark on the clip.
    One thing that this whole thread reinforces is that any idiot can post clips on youtube and claim expertise in any area they choose.
    As far as me not having a clue, I've had plenty of real fights, I've trained in plenty of martial arts with some excellent instructors and I'm above average intelligence. Based on your clips you have very limited skills and some seriously deluded views, given your attitude I have no sympathy for you and take great amusement in your self delusion. I do however feel very sorry for anyone taken in by your BS and would advise all of those in your clips to get in the car and travel, once they've experienced real Wing Chun or other decent martial arts instruction their eyes will be well and truly opened.
    A clever man learns from his mistakes but a truly wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali. R View Post
    I'm sorry,

    I was just trying to get under your skins. But I see that it's upsetting you.

    Let's stop.
    I havent been involved in this thread, but seriously, you need to go back over your posts and have a re think about how you try to engage other people.

    Your apparent ego driven posts, contrasted with your posts overflowing with false humility, are annoying at best and almost disturbing at worst

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    No ego just want to discussing the issues rather than binging attacked, just as you guys are doing right now; but if I jump on yours and others statements in defense, like the Mod said; ďIíll be talking down to you guysĒ. I wonder why? HUmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Just as I through I would come here this morning and talk about physic and wing chun for the second time, but he just went off on me once again. But if I say anything back like in the tone you all are speaking to me, right now, Iíll be a baaaaad man.

    Because I could snatch everyone of you guys clean out the frame with facts, if you only focus on me and not the issue/facts.

    Love you guys keep it coming, but more on the issue rather then me.

    Take care,

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    I am at work so I do not really have time to go over all of this right now.
    I will close this thread and re-open it once I clean up all of the non-related stuff.

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