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Thread: What is your wing chun lineage?

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    What is your wing chun lineage?

    What is your Wing Chun lineage, as in who is your instructor, and who is their instructor. For instance, My instructor is Gorden Lu, and his instructors was his father Lo Man Kam, and Duncan Leung.

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    Why are you asking?

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    just wondering, i would like to see the variety of lineages we have in this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R0NiN View Post
    just wondering, i would like to see the variety of lineages we have in this forum.
    An unreasonable expectation. Responses if any will likely be skewed and not a reliable sample.
    Also there are varying definitions of what a lineage means.

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    I'm from the Henry Leung lineage (Fut Sao Wing Chun). He was my sifu,but I also trained with 3 other of his top students as well. Ive also trained in the Ip Man system under Moy Yat and Lee Moy Shan for a bit. I have many WC friend and have exchanged information with them over the years. Ive been to exposed and seen just about every kind of WC out there.

    There is no REAL secrets in Wing Chun, but because the forms are conceptual you have to know how to decipher the information..That's the secret..

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    My Wing Chun instructor is Rick Spain. His was William Cheung.
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    I train under sifu Dunn Wah, disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yat

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    I began wing chun in 1976-did other arts/sports before that and did some other things after that.
    Wing chun is my core art.

    My wing chun sifu is Augustine Fong and my sigung is Ho Kam Ming- along time close student of Ip Man.
    Sifu Fong was an exceptional fighter in his time and his conceptual understanding of wing chun and Sigung Ho's as well is exceptional.

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    I'm a disciple of Sifu Yee Yeung, who is a disciple of Sigong Moy Yee, who is a disciple of Si Tai Gong Moy Yat.
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    My lineage would be as follows listed in order or learning first to most recent:

    Yip Man\Ho Kam Ming\Augustine Fong\Roy Undem\Me

    Yip Man\(Leung Sheung)\Leung Ting\Keith Kernsprecht & Alan Fong\Me

    Yip Man\Leung Sheung\Ng Wah Sum\Chung Kwok Chow\Me

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    Me < Allan Che Kong Lee

    Allan Che Kong Lee < Lok Yiu, Yip Man, Duncan Leung

    My Sifu studied under Lok Yiu first, then privately with Yip Man, and furthered his studies with Duncan Leung (another private disciple) on Yip Man's recommendation, who he learned the long bridge from.
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    I started studying back at the Macau Wing Chun Athletic Association a while back under Sifu Ho Kam Ming.

    Yip Man --> Ho Kam Ming --> me
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    what line

    hi all my first sify barry pang came from wsl my cujrrent sifu and best wing chun i have seen randy williams oh on semminars wsl was cool stephan chan the best kicks in wing chun along the way train with williiam cheungand dana wong and the best australian guy i have seen just a opinion david foggie Stephans chan rep in melbourne russ

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    'Woo Fai Ching’ was a student of ‘Yip man’ for two years, then ‘Leung Sheung’ for over ten years.

    I’ve trained with Woo Ching personally for over 25 years.

    lineage: Yip Man, Leung Sheung and Woo Ching, then myself.

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    Yip Man > Victor Kan > me '84 - '02

    Yip Man > WSL > P Bayer > me '04 .....present

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