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Thread: Fast Food Nastiness

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    SevenStar Guest
    kebabs are tha shiznit, fa shizzle.

    "Just because I joke around sometimes doesn't mean I'm serious about kung-fu.
    " - nightair

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    Radhnoti Guest
    I like Subway. The veggie sub on wheat with EVERYTHING...except cheese, is good. Wendy's has baked potatos and decent salads. I don't usually like the McSalad Shakers at McDonalds...they keep them too long and the lettuce gets nasty, but I suppose it could be ok if somehow you caught a fresh one. (Note: I disapprove of McDonalds in general, due to their ridiculous attempts to push a political agenda. So, it's the LAST place I go if I've got a choice...which with a 3yr old son I often don't. :rolleyes: )

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest

    Big Mac

    One Big Mac has 1350 calories.

    That's a fat burger.

    Kebabs are good for you , Just as long as you don't eat too many. ;)

    "Life's a great Adventure, Mate"
    Jacko Jackson

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    phoenix-eye Guest

    Sharky - good question mate!!!

    The Donner / Shish / Chicken Kebab question has trobled me for a while too. The yanks don't get it cuz they aint got the delicacy that is Kebab shops over there....

    Anyway, I reckon you are right - a shish or chicken kebab isn't as harmful as a doner. doner is almost 100% pure fat and crap. At least with the others you are getting recognisable chicken and/or lamb. pitta bread, salad and a bit of chilli sauce can't hurt too much after that. (Can it?)

    I know you want any sort of kebab after a few pints of Stella - but try to remember that CHICKEN is better than DONER. I know its hard you're a bit gubbed but it also looks good with the laydeeez.

    round my way -the order is:-

    1) Indian take away - Lamb Kadie (mmmmmm...)
    2) fish Supper from the Park Chippie
    3) Chines Takeaway
    4) Khans kebab Shop
    5) Burger king
    6) KFC (20 mile drive)
    7) McDonalds

    Now you know why we all look like Samo Hung.

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    Sharky Guest
    Eeeeeexcellent smithers.... eeeexcellent....

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    phoenix-eye Guest

    My last post didn't read too well did it? ( Just back from the pub........)

    I reckon its harder to be a good martial artist here as the temptation is greater - booze, kebabs, women with natural blondce hair instead of cheesy highlights......

    "We had a thing to settle so I did him"
    Tamai, 43, was quoted by Police as saying.

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    Sharky Guest

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    I've noticed that there are certain fast food restaurants at which I can't eat. Burger King, Zaxby's, Chili's, all make me extremely ill. McDonald's I have never liked. Arby's and KFC have begun to make me ill as well. Pizza Hut always gives me indigestion. The Sonic's okay, but I'm afraid to eat at Checker's. I don't eat at Chik-Fil-A because they are bigoted religiously prejudiced Jesus freak zealots. And Dairy Queen is a non-option because I don't like getting halfway through my aerated presoftened half melted conglomeration of pseudo desert and finding half of a cockroach. And I simply refuse to eat at Krystal any more because the last two times I went there, it smelled like feces. The first time, I thought maybe someone just cut a really bad ****, but the second time it was the unmistakable and oppressive odor of ****.

    Just about the only fast food restaurant at which I can eat any more is Taco Bell, strangely enough.

    So I pretty much eat at home all the time.

    Soft drinks, however, are something I am pretty much addicted to. I bought a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi this afternoon around 4pm, and finished it off about 30 minutes ago. And every day, I drink at least two 20 oz. bottles of some carbonated sugar product. I used to work in a restaurant, and drank about 2 gallons (literally) of Mountain Dew every day. I'd just drink that stuff like it was water. And I still couldn't get enough. I'm trying to cut back to 1 20 oz. bottle per day, but it's pretty difficult.


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    SevenStar Guest
    I feel ya on the krystal thing *nasty* sounds like you have a drinking prob, bud. Ever thought about joining sodaholics anonymous?

    "Hi, my name is Sam and I am hooked on soda..."

    "Just because I joke around sometimes doesn't mean I'm serious about kung-fu.
    " - nightair

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    wufupaul Guest

    Fast food

    I guess I'm lucky, I have an iron stomach. I can eat pretty much anything at any time and not feel ill. I can't recall the last time I had indigestion, probably only a few times in my life. But then again, I'm a young one(24), and I know it gets worse with age, woo hoo! :p

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    Black Belt Jones 1 Guest


    You said Mcdonalds has a political agenda, could you elaborate on that a bit Im curious.

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    rogue Guest
    There is nothing as bad looking as a jack in the box taco, and nothing better tasteing.

    You guys are forgetting White Castle, whose burgers are nicknamed "sliders" for good reason.

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    I can just see my first SA meeting now...

    "Hi, my name is Sam, and I'm addicted to Coke...and Mountain Dew, and Pepsi, and..."

    And then Bob Saget would stand up and shout, "That's not an addiction! Have you ever sucked dick for crack? Now that's an addiction!" ;)


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    Dave Farmer Guest


    Mighty Rogue I bow to your title

    :D :D :D :D :cool: :cool: :D :D :D

    Dave F

    'wing chun men do it with sticky hands'

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    brucelee2 Guest

    I was reading recently about sodas- they are extremely bad for you! Aside from the sugar and caffeine content, they are extremely acidic. A healthy body should be more alkiline then acidic, and it takes alot of alkaline food/body effort to counterbalance the acidity of one soda. Also, I think I read/heard once that Mountain Dew has the highest caffeine content of any soda (except for maybe jolt).

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