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Thread: Fast Food Nastiness

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    Fish of Fury Guest
    well, i eat falafel rolls, and i reckon they've gotta be better than Macca's (which is total crap)

    i have a question sharky, mcd's may be wack, but is it pants , do you think?

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    As far as I know, what you read was absolutely correct. In addition to this, many sodas, mostly fruit flavored ones it seems, have brominated vegetable oil as an ingredient. Bromine is a sanitizer, but it is a sanitizer mainly used in swimming pools and spas. Trust me on this, I work on pools and spas for a living. This past summer, I nearly choked to death on a cloud of bromine gas, which in my opinion is far worse than chlorine. I don't completely understand why vegetable oil would be included in a soft drink, but I know that bromine is deadly. Of course, I did not know that pool sanitizer was being put into my favorite soft drink during the period when I was drinking several gallons of it a day. If I had known that I would not have consumed it at all. And nowadays, it affects my choice of drink to the point that I completely read the label on a bottle before I try it.

    As they say, buyer beware.

    Anyway, I'll let you guys know what happens to me as I quit drinking the stuff. I started seriously cutting back this weekend. I already notice caffeine withdrawal, fatigue, and mood swings.


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    dzu Guest
    I feel sorry for the people that cannot eat an In-N-Out Double Double cooked animal style. Is it good for you? Defintely not! If you're going to eat fast food, though, go for the best...

    Being close to the border means that there are a lot better options for good mexican food aside from Taco Bell and Jack in the Box tacos. Give me a California Burrito or a Carne Asada Burrito over any fast food chain (other than In-N-Out of course).


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    Bessho Guest
    cantonese roast duck over rice w/ a fried egg. soda pop on the side. prepared faster than you can spit on a burger.

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    Radhnoti Guest
    Black Belt Jones 1,

    It is my understanding that the higher ups in the McDonald's corporation support gun control legislation.
    I KNOW that Gillette, NBC, McDonalds, and Kodak all declined to sponsor the US Shooting Team for the 1996 Olympics due to their anti-gun sentiments.

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    Cool New health concerns over fast food

    Your intelligence is surpassed only by your ignorance.

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    Ha! And I bet you thought that people deer hunt for sport or food. It's self defence man. Those deer can really be animals. I heard the deer heard (herd?) a rummor that Micky's actually had something that resembled lettuce and were just checking it out as a joke. Probably hopped up on elderberries.
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    Fast food is bad for you?
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    I saw his thread while trying to figure out what I should have for lunch. It is my feeling that a lot of the stuff that is being sold as fast food may be cloned.

    I bought some hot wings a few years ago. I'm talking 20 pieces in a box with fries (I was hungry). I ATE this one piece that had this look where a little bit of the fried skin was pointing away from the drummette. Well, five minutes into that wonderful box I saw it again. I remarked to myself, "I ate this before." This was before the reports of cloned foods and their "safeness" for consumption. For me a dead giveaway for cloned foods is digestive difficulties such as serious acid reflux and the food remaining in the stomach for hours.


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    The fast food industry is the reason why most everyone is obese to some degree. It consists primarily of carbohydrates, which create triglyceride, which stores up as fat on your body. This causes you to have high cholesterol, mostly the bad kind. That is the cause of heart disease. This also leads to other auto immune diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. Processed sugars get most of the blame, but it is not alone in this. The fast food industry specializes in foods that consist primarily of carbohydrates, chased down by a drink that contains huge amounts of processed sugars. Back in my day there might be 2 or 3 burger joints or drive ins to a large down or small city, but today they are on every street corner. You would do well to avoid these places, as they do not have your long term health and welfare in mind. They are only interested in your money. The buffet type places are not much different, but you can usually put together a decent meal that is both nutritious and healthy for you.

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    Fast Food Nastiness

    I don't think people should be eating this crap anyway but now there is a very good reason to stay away from this shady company. Yuck!!!
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    What's so bad about horse meat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Jamieson View Post
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    burger king isn't food anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKiller View Post
    What's so bad about horse meat?
    You know MasterKiller, I thought about this one a little bit and there probably isn't anything wrong with eating horse meat. The real problem seems to be that BK denied it and then said they didn't know that it was in their burgers. Not knowing what they are serving to the public should give anybody who eats there pause for concern. As Syn7 pointed out it's not real food anyway and I haven't had a Whopper in at least 10 years so I'm not personally worried. Just sharing the news...

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    No, the real problem is that the horse meat was from ythe "filler" and was most likely not even dog food grade horse meat.

    But I mean if you eat at burger king, you get what you deserve anyways.

    I don't need to be told not to jump in front of a moving bus. And if I got hit I most certainly wouldn't blame the bus driver.

    We all know burger king isn't real food. They never actually say their food is healthy. They choose their words carefully.

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