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Thread: Anyone using creatine?

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    Emil Guest

    Anyone using creatine?

    Worthwhile? How often do you take it? Just looking
    for that little extra.


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    8stepsifu Guest


    I did, but my Sifu recomended against it. I talked to the buff guy at GNC and he said that is actually a salt that keeps fluid in your muscles to make them look better and it's used by body builders for "results" it doesn't seem to actually give you added strength or endurance. It seemed to work when I was trying to look buff, but It might just be placebo power.

    8Step Sifu

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    sct82abn Guest

    i recommend it 100%

    no offense 8step,you are one of the few who post intelligently around here,but what does your sifu know about supplements?

    you must not have taken it long enough to see results,which i don't understand,i saw mine within a week and i workout everyday(before taking creatine).

    as for the amount to take just follow the recommended dose.first 4 days 1 teaspoon every 4 hours(loading phase),after that 1 teaspoon a day.

    it does increase water to your muscles strengthening muscle fibers and encouraging cell regrowth.

    i started loading on a friday and by monday i was reping 5 more on my max.

    i'm not working out for mass either,just good tone and strength.

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    denali Guest

    there you can read all sides of the story..

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    Dragon Spirit Guest
    actually I have been takeing creatine for a little while now, although I beleive I may have been somehow takeing it incorrectly I am finding it working... sorta. I would say give it a try for about two weeks u should see some results, nothing huge but then again its not like a freein steroid lol.

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    8StepStudent Guest


    Our Sifu knows a lot when it comes to supplement stuff. In fact we have an article hanging up about creatine. He does blood work and he knows a lot about herbs, in fact he and a fellow Sifu own an herbal store, so don't make assumptions about what Sifus know until you know them and their backgrounds.

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    8stepsifu Guest
    No offense taken. My Sifu showed an article from the American Medical Journal on creatine showing no effects in controlled settings. Thats why he advised against it. This coupled with the GNC guy lead me to believe that it wasn't worth buying any more. I did feel like I got more out of my workout, but creatine is nothing compared to an herbal formula that I tried. I think its called "the athletes formula" anyway it increases circulation, helps you put on weight and puts chi in your muscles. Its got some ginseng, licorice root, orange peels, it tastes like ass, but gives you awesome endurace and strength gains

    8Step Sifu

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    sct82abn Guest
    thanks for the reply 8stepSIFU,i'll have to check that out.

    8stepSTUDENT,i don't know if you thought i was referring to you,but i wasn't,i was asking what his sifu knew about supplements.

    i might be crazy but i don't associate most sifus with degrees in sports medicine.

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    jimmy23 Guest
    ok guys,propaganda 101.
    When it comes to sports supplements ,the AMA doesnt know jack.Flame all you want,they say that steroids dont enhance athletic ability(right!),and for years said that vitamin ,mineral and protein supplementation were also not useful.Of course,now they have reversed this stance,about 20 years after the athletic community did so.
    If you want to see what works,look at pro sports.Creatine WORKS,and works well for whatit is intended for.It helps muscles retain fluids,enhances recovery,ups ATP production,and increases EXPLOSIVE strength.It will not increase endurance,and will mainly assist you in the 3-5 rep range.Thus,very short burst type movements will be enhanced by it.Thus,NFL and baseball players,whose careers are dependent on this type of strength,all use creatine
    It may assist your martial arts technicques,or it may not.My advice,if you dont have technicque then a small amount of ehanced explosiveness really wont help you.If you are static now in your skill gains,creatine might help you a bit,but I really dont think it as valuable for martial artists as it is for weightlifters.I am an avid weightlifter,so I really dont think Im biased against it,just practical.

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    jojitsu27 Guest

    Just my experience....

    I used Creatine a year and a half ago for awhile, because all my friends were using it and going on about how much it added to their strength. After three weeks I had added 35lbs to my bench press, but found myself having constant S-h-i-t attacks.
    I decided that bowel normality was more important than the extra strength the Creatine gave me and ditched it.
    Maybe it was a placebo type thing, maybe it really did add to my strength, but the constant poop attacks dehydrated my pretty bad and stained my underwear too much.

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    Shinakira Guest


    i to am a creatine supporter... my training buddy dragon spirit also uses this supplement.

    he gave me some of the powder crap... it really tastes nastey, and gets caught in your throught.

    I recoment the serum, its more potent, and there is no loading required.... Tastes like good childrens cough medicine!!!

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    8StepStudent Guest
    8StepSifu and I study under the same Sifu although his training is complete as far as for becoming a Sifu, so when you said that to 8StepSifu, you kinda said it to me too.

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    Kyoshu Guest
    "I used Creatine a year and a half ago for awhile, because all my friends were using it and going on about how much it added to their strength. After three weeks I had added 35lbs to my bench press, but found myself having constant S-h-i-t attacks."

    Don't worry Jo, this happens to some. Try the liqiud form that comes with the little drip (can't remeber the brand, but will look that up for ya). You can take it 10 mins before a work out and don't have to worry about loading.

    I find creatine to be very useful in enhancing you perfomance, not only in muscle strength, but mucle endurance as well.

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    totallyfrozen Guest
    I used to use it alot.
    I noticed a differnce. I was stronger and had more endurance. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]
    All of a sudden, drinking it made me feel crappy and almost my body didn't like it anymore. I quit using it.
    I heard later that it's really hard on your liver. I haven't researched this so I don't know for sure if this is true...could be, who knows.
    Maybe that's why my body started rejecting it...maybe not.

    Bottom line: Not every suppliment is for everyone and not every suppliment is for you for a long time.
    I was fine for awhile (several months), then, I my body just started NOT liking it anymore.

    I wasn't taking an enormous amount, either. Just one glass a day. I followed the directions on the jar. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

    Oh well. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]

    "There is only ONE karate"

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    cRoMiKaZiE Guest


    Guys... It sounds like the majority of u really should go research the effects of this FOOD supplement. It is practically ATP that muscles require for short bursts of intense action; however u should be getting enough of this already in your diet through eating meat. but maybe some ppl aren't so it may be beneficial. its likely that our bodies cannot store any more ATP than what we are made to, therefore we have to dispose of it somehow, this could lead to problems.. i've heard alot of bad side effects such as cramps, dehydration, headaches etc... please look into it b4 taking it, it's important to know what u r putting into your body!

    ...It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees...

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