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Thread: Phil Bronstein interviews "The Shooter". Don't miss it.

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    Phil Bronstein interviews "The Shooter". Don't miss it.

    Esquire has a long exclusive with the ST6 team member who shot bin Ladin (not the guy who wrote the book) covering all kinds of aspects of the raid and life before and after a navy career. It's a deep article with many angles.

    It's full of amazing quotes... the guy is very smart and funny in a kind of tragicomic ironic way. I thought of putting some quotes here to tempt folks to read it, but there are too many good ones to choose. If you picture the moments he's describing it's powerful as hell too. I'm glad not to have to be there.

    Kind of puts the concept of "martial arts" into perspective.

    Well worth reading from beginning to end if you have a spare half hour.
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    It is a nice and wonderful story. The guy is a hero!
    My problem is that many guys recently want to parlay their exploits into revenue streams and that endangers the whole concept of the ubiqitious term 'Quiet Professionals'. They contradict official sources, then set up these political 501c(4) tax based groups and they play their hands to get social approval. That is not good, at least from my point of view!

    The guy is complaining something about no health care, no entitlements from the government as if he is owed that. He left. End of story. He is a one who served as he did a great job! God Bless USA. He had 4 years to finish but he quit! It's on him. He is still a great patriot, no more no less!

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