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Thread: Bad Ankle Injury Need Help PLEASE!!!

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    Bad Ankle Injury Need Help PLEASE!!!

    For anyone out there that has had a bad ankle injury I could really use your help on this. I sprained my ankle a few week ago very badly I also chipped a few bones in it. Some people have told me that a sprain should go down in about 2 week all the way in swelling, and should gain full control in about a month. I have gone to the doctor but he just keeps saying come back in another week each time. A very experienced martial artist told me that he has sprained his ankle before and the swelling would stay up to 3 months. There is no pain at all, I almost have full movement with it its still a little tight I was told that was normal. If anyone has had similar experience and knows of some good exercise or natural treatments just post a reply.

    Thanks a bunch, Dataman

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    Bad news fella...

    Take how long you were hobbling around (crutches or extreme pain that type of thing....) multiply it by 10 and that will be about how long you will feel that injury.

    My teacher who is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine will say "1 day or injury - 10 days to recover" and it is pretty accurate.

    A few years back, I had an ankle injury. I was on crutches about 2 weeks, and hobbling around for around 2 more weeks. It wa painful but I could get about without much trouble after about a month.

    With acupuncture, herbs, and exercises, I was back to training full out in.....11 months... That means it took 11 months for me to NOT notice any problems when I trained.

    Bad thing is that I damaged my knee at that time as well...but didn't notice it until the damage was irreversible and required surgery. Part of the problem was that I was adjusting for the ankle and the adjustment was damaging to my knee.

    Watch out for that one and let yourself heal.

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