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Thread: Traditional training equipment

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    Quote Originally Posted by bawang View Post
    so why you didn't post "举石担(Ju Shi Dan) - lift double heads"?
    Here is one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    when most kung fu people cant even lift up their arms, I think its important to show the simple "lift".

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    It is important to realize that "movement specific" strength building is a part for strength training BUT should only be done AFTER general strength is well developed.
    If you can't overhead press 100lbs, you have no business doing any "twirling around" over your head of 25lbs.

    Develop a solid core and base and then you can "improvise" with stuff because by then your stabilizers as well as your "major movers" are developed enough (hopefully).
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    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    I didn't realize Crossfit was that old...


    Clean to press, super effective move. Love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    I won't go into any detail but the following are ancient CMA training equipment:

    - leather belt for cracking.
    - brick for finger strength.
    - stone lock for swinging.
    - square bag for throwing.
    - long bag for arm strength.
    - single head for leg.
    - double heads for arm and body.
    - weight puller for pulling.
    - bowling ball for foot scoop.
    - long cane bundle for techniques.
    - short cane bundle for grabbing.
    - short wooden stick for grabbing.
    - long woodern stick for grabbing.
    - weight on the loop for vibration.
    - weight on the end of rope for wrist strength.
    - big brick for body function.
    - Gon for twisting.
    - water jar for finger strength.
    - tree (or pole) for hanging, shin bitting, sticky, ...
    - ...

    First you have to decide what skill that you want to enhance. You then pick up the right equipments for that skill. You have to map it backward.

    For example, the skill "扣(Kou) - Knee seize" requires 4 different kind of forces. Which will need 4 different equipments to develop from.

    1. grip strength - throwing bag,
    2. linear shaking - weight pulley.
    3. forward pushing - long cane bundle,
    4. backward pulling - single head.

    Here are some pictures:
    Pictures are not present. I am new user and would be happy to see them.

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