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Thread: New Video

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc101 View Post
    Yes yes by all means do not try to answer the question. Your video was wonderful, you are brilliant, that was one of the finest things I've seen. Since all you want is praise I will give you praise.
    No. I thought I answered your question. Your follow up was a bit of sarcasm mixed with the classic setup for a flame war within this forum. Something I'm not interested in participating. Sorry...

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    No flame war intended just trying to understand what you say since it doesn't make sense to me but as I said I can be a bit dense at times.

    Sorry for the sarcasm but it was open and the timing was tbere. Simple as that.

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    Mixed Approach

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    I study JKD, but my favorite art within the system is Wing Chun. There are times when I want to work solely on my Wing Chun skills, therefore I won't add boxing, Silat, Muay Thai, etc. into the mix when touching hands. During boxing class I don't add Wing Chun or other arts into the mix either, so this way I can focus on developing my boxing attributes. I have noticed, however, that the principles and skills of Wing Chun, such as forward pressure and simultaneous block and attack, that I have developed during my Wing Chun training helps during boxing and vice-versa. However, when full on sparring I often utilize whatever I feel is appropriate at the time whether it be a Pak Sao or an uppercut. I don't worry about whether I am using "pure" this or that.

    I like your approach! Although you probably won't progress as quick as others when viewed under a strict Wing Chun lens, your ability to actually apply Wing Chun techniques during sparring will probably be strengthened by using your mixed approach.


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