Does anyone have any information on the Shaolin origins of Chang Naizhou's Luohan sets?
The Chang family Luohan sets are said to have come from 阎圣道 Yan ShengDao / Taoist Sage Yan in luoyang in the mid 18th century.
Do these sets match in anyway to the other Shaolin Luohan sets that have been preserved?

Chang Family Da Luohan

Chang Family Xiao Luohan

Chang Family Green Dragon Exits Sea

I know that this green dragon set does match to the one preserved in the Shaolin LiuHe Quan tradition inZhangzhou.

I was also wondering if there is any possibility for there being a Shaolin source for his Tiger boxing sets? or if anyone has any info on where he got these?

Chang Family White Tiger Boxing

Chang Family Black Tiger Boxing

P.S. there were also supposed to be some Hong Quan and Pao Quan forms that he passed down, but supposedly there is at least a Pao Quan set from him still around somewhere.
Also if anyone has any info on Henan Zi Men Quan (not the Sichuan or Jiangsu styles) I would appreciate it. I haven't ever been able to find out much more than the number of forms in the system and that it is rare but still exists.