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Thread: Wing Chun is Bullsh!t

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc101 View Post
    you only get better at banging by banging.
    today is chinese valenines day... chances of me successfully using that as a pickup line?

    on topic: potatoes
    I guess we are who we are

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKM View Post
    We agree more than you realize we agree. I do not think I am so high and mighty so sorry if it came off that way to you. As I said, you bring up a valid discussion point and I was attempting to share with you what I learned in my training experience. Where we disagree is on one point: It is extremely easy, from an armchair, to judge these older practitioners. What I was pointing out is that you have no clue as to their training and fighting history. You do not know what they have behind them and inside of them. Enough said. Train for life.
    Ok I stand corrected. I do agree that I do not know their history but I do not judge skill or training by their history or what they say their history was but by what they are doing now. I also do not start off with the assumption and take it for granted they can fight well with their wing chun but instead only come to that conclusion after seeing it actually done which we never do.

    This is really the root of most criticism of wing chun and what I am trying to get across that people talk about fighting, how you should fight, how they have the right best ideas for fighting and so forth but never do it or they say they do it in secret lol or only on the street and that sort of thing.

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    well that wasn't so bad.... this is the first thread that actually had me pop my head in here...

    I'll just show myself out...
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    I know that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer so maybe you can explain to me how training and practicing to get better at beating other people up makes anyone a better person.

    Well, I wouldn't phrase it "better at beating other people up", but I see the benefits of training a martial art this way. Training in a martial art involves learning to overcome adversity...dealing with someone trying to hit you....getting good at something that is physically challenging....learning to perform under stress. All of this can make someone a better person. It applies equally well to boxing. Doesn't the PAL (police athletic league) promote boxing as a way to get kids off the street for the same reasons?

    The reality is we get better at what we practice. The root of criticism of wing chun is as I said that people talk about fighting but don't do it. They think they get better at fighting by forms and chi sau and San sau drills fed with their concepts. That is the punch line of the joke. All that stuff is good but like in boxing the pad work, skipping rope, bags and so forth is good but you only get better at banging by banging.

    I agree. Wing Chun is a fighting art. We aren't doing run of the mill Tai Chi. There needs to be more free sparring and less Chi Sau'ing.

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    Wing Chun is Bull****

    Quote Originally Posted by tc101 View Post
    There are a lot of people who share many of his valid criticisms of the people let me emphasize people in wing chun. Yes he is in love with jkd and yes he is a bit off the wall. He could go say this same stuff to the wing chun sifus and what do you think would happen? Nothing. Are you suggesting they would beat him silly when they have never beaten anyone again anyone.

    That is his point they are all talk and demo and chi sau. Yes yes yes they know the system and can teach it but when talking actually using their wing chun in fighting where is there any evidence besides stories?

    The only valid reason to practice any martial art is for what you get out of it. The only reason to look to others is to see the potential that the training offers. Unfortunately most of the big names only talk and demo when have you seen any of them put on gloves and bang? That is at the root of the criticism of wing chun that people talk about fighting but don't do it.
    tc 101 , You ' re absolutely right , I agree with you , what you ' re really saying is , no art can satisfy everybody right ? It makes sense to me too . ! Yeah ! Alot of people can talk about wing chun , but really don ' t do it , it makes sense to me too . Well , the art has worked for me so I ' ll keep on practicing yet . I guess , some people don ' t really practice the art right ? So maybe that ' s why it does ' nt work for them . Because if you ' re not doing the art right , you going be getting beaten , but if you ' re doing it right , you should ' nt be getting beaten up , sure it makes sense .

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