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Thread: Combat training for the Chinese police

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    Combat training for the Chinese police

    I'm curious to know how they train their officers in China

    Investigation Determines the Two Police Officers Who Witnessed Young Girl’s Murder Were Not in Dereliction of Duty
    The Beijing News — This reporter just obtained information from the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau that the final determination of a joint Bengbu city Public Security Bureau investigative group is that there was no dereliction of duty and failure to act by the two police officers who witnessed a young girl being killed, that the two police officers will not be punished, and currently are still working as normal; The investigative group will make public the details of the investigation and reasons for the determination that the police officers had not failed in their duty shortly. Bengbu city Public Security Bureau Propaganda Department Section Chief Zhang confirmed to this reporter that the two police officers have not been affected by this incident, and remain in their positions going to work as usual.

    August 18th afternoon, Anhui province Bengbu city Yuhui district Macheng town, a 17-year-old young girl was repeatedly stabbed 10 times to death. Two police officers dispatched by the Macheng town police station witnessed the young girl’s murder, and their failure to take effective action was called into question. On the night of the 21st, the Bengbu city Public Security Bureau called an emergency meeting, formed a joint investigative group involving the disciplinary inspection, police supervision, and criminal investigation departments, and launched an investigation into the young girl’s murder and two police officers’ actions.

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    not exactly sure they do...
    I guess we are who we are

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    looks like they train internal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bawang View Post
    looks like they train internal.
    The video was blurry, but it looked like the one cop stunned the guy with a chi-blast.
    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    This is 100% TCMA principle. It may be used in non-TCMA also. Since I did learn it from TCMA, I have to say it's TCMA principle.
    Quote Originally Posted by YouKnowWho View Post
    We should not use "TCMA is more than combat" as excuse for not "evolving".

    You can have Kung Fu in cooking, it really has nothing to do with fighting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bawang View Post
    looks like they train internal.

    l m f a o !

    edit: oh wow i didn't watch the video earlier that's not so funny...**** what are they doing!
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    I guess we are who we are

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    From what I could see the cops didn't even have weapons, just a can of medium mild liberal pepper spray for stylish law enforcement. Neither cop prevented the girl from being killed by puny response. I guess these guys did what they were trained to do.

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    They had batons but were afraid to use it.

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    Slightly OT

    There's a vid behind the link.

    Chinese kung fu cop uses slick moves to motivate tug of war team
    Video of policeman Wu Bifa encouraging his fellow officers is a big hit online
    PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 January, 2019, 12:58pm
    UPDATED : Friday, 25 January, 2019, 1:13pm
    Martin Choi

    A video of a cheerleading policeman at a tug of war competition in northwest China has gone viral on social media.

    Wu Bifa, a traffic policeman from Xian, capital of Shaanxi province, was seen shouting words of encouragement and performing kung fu-style moves to cheer on his team in the competition organised by the city’s public security bureau.

    “I’m the head coach and leader of the cheerleading team,” Wu was quoted as saying by The Beijing News.

    His role was “mainly to boost their morale and fighting spirit, so that they can compete and triumph in the competition”, he said.

    Some people on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, thought he was funny, including his employer.

    “By shouting slogans, this comrade from our traffic police department is showcasing his long-honed skills of conducting traffic,” the public security bureau wrote.

    “These are actually kung fu moves,” another Weibo user said.

    “He’s using his spirit to support his team,” said another.

    “It’s a tactic, he’s making their opponents laugh,” said a third.

    Despite Wu’s efforts, his team managed to finish only seventh of the 41 competing, but he was undeterred.

    “We are very satisfied,” he said.
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