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Thread: weed

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    buddhistfist Guest


    Does anyone here smoke weed and do kung fu/meditate.I was wondering how smoking weed affects your kung fu.Also, if you do chi gong and meditate and also smoke weed,how does this affect you?I have heard it can lead to awakening the kundalini.

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    Martial Joe Guest
    What is a kundalini?

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    Sharky Guest
    GDA is an expert at stoned meditation, i believe.

    Sharky, I should expect this level of immaturity from you after seeing your post titled "Hm." regarding the woman that lives next door to you. I think everyone who unfortuneatly read that post is a bit more ignorant now for doing so. - Spectre

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    Kung Lek Guest
    man this question gets asked once a month.

    yeesh, what is it with you potheads?

    oh yeah, you KEEP FORGETTING! hahahahahahahaha.

    man, go smoke some more, forget kung fu, just smoke your weed.


    Kung Lek

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    Sharky Guest

    Sharky, I should expect this level of immaturity from you after seeing your post titled "Hm." regarding the woman that lives next door to you. I think everyone who unfortuneatly read that post is a bit more ignorant now for doing so. - Spectre

    All i wanted was some RICE CAKES! Now? WE MUST BATTLE.

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    grifter721 Guest


    In my neurology class my prof said that there was extensive research done in Jamaica where the most amount of weed is smoked.Where people smoke for all their lives (18-and up) They found that there was no long term brain damage, that they were still in good shape, and that the worst case of withdrawl was a runny nose. Also there is only one oerson on medical record dying off of weeed and that was someone choking on too much food.
    Also for all intents and purposes Alcohol is worse for you. whatever it takes you to get drunk, 10 times that will kill you whatever it takes you to get high, 40,0000 that will kill you.

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    Wongsifu Guest
    kung lek that was hilarious.

    what do bin laden and general custer have in common????
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    KungFuGuy! Guest
    Don't say that you can't OD on weed, that's bull****. Weed kills brain cells, that's FACT, so it can contribute to brain damage.

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    Ryu Guest
    Regardless the dangers or non-dangers,
    why people need foreign substances to "make them feel happy" is beyond me...

    I figure if you need to smoke, drink, do ecstasy, weed, etc. to make you feel "good about yourself" or to be "social", then you have a big problem already.

    But then again, what do I know? I'm just a guy with a video game character's name as his screen name. :D


    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    OdderMensch Guest

    no disinformation kills brain cells

    ah for the day when we EDUCATE our youth instead of INDOCTERNATEING them with crap.

    Weed has not been proven to cause brain damage and can in fact have very clear yet poorly researched nerual protective qualites.

    weed does not cause cancer (but tar and particulate matter found in smokeing anything cn lea to pre canceruos growths) and has been found to ease symptoms in the treatment of cancer, and to kill tumors in lab mice.

    however, weed is illegal.

    tabbacoo, the smokeing of which causes like 30% of ALL CANCER, gets frickn' government subsities!

    and we wonder why our country is so ****** up man we have plants that are illegal!

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    Shaolindynasty Guest
    Whos cares what those studies say, usually the only people defending weed are the ones who smoke it. Addicts will do anything to not have to admit they are addicted including comming up with "health benifits" of smoking :rolleyes:
    Smoking and drinking destory stamina and are generally unhealthy, argueing over what kind of smoking and smoking vs. drinking doesn't matter. All masters of meditative arts preach to keep a clear mind, anybody who uses drugs to meditate is just a hippie and probally doesn't know about what they are talking about.
    Just say no

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    IronFist Guest
    Anyone live in the Netherlands?


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    OdderMensch Guest

    why oh why

    1. if only addidcts and people who smoke weed care about this, then why have more then five states passed or enacted voter sanctioned refferendums to allow the use of Cannibus as a medicene.

    2. why have the Netherlands chossen to effectivly "decriminalize" itss sale and use?

    3. Why are Germany, England and Canada looking to follow that example.

    more to the point, and why i do not support the so called Drug War

    4. why do you feel we need to LOCK PEOPLE IN JAIL for growing plants?

    now of course by you i mean everyone who supports, agrees with or does not oppose the stupidest, most misguided, most arrogant and blatent asssult upon freedom and our national common sense since prohibition. And hey at least with prohibition they got it right, they amended the constitution, for the drug war we just rely on the commerce clause.

    I'm sorry for a hastly typed non kung fu post but ive been against the war on drugs since high school, when i looked at the facts.

    That I smoke, might smoke or want to smoke "weed" (or any other plant for that matter) is not the issue. That if in my HOME I grow a plant, dry it and burn the leaves to inhale BY MYSELF into MY LUNGS, the government feels the need to arresst me deny me enployment and confiscate my wealth is just WRONG.
    this is not an abuse of power this is a gross usurpation of power.

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    Shaolindynasty Guest
    I don't nessacarly think it should be illegal but I think alot of people try to lie to themselves about the "benifits". In the end it should be a persons choice

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    OdderMensch Guest

    heh sorry

    for all the CAPS LOCKED words done in ALL CAPS so they look REALY important.

    I dont know why I do that sometimes.


    and for the record I would advocate against smokeing anything, or useing any drug prior to meditation of kung fu practice.

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