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Thread: This is what happens when you spar with women...

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    This is what happens when you spar with women...

    They are fine hitting you but men are naturally hesitant at hitting back. He hits her a few times but nothing crazy. You can tell he is holding back.

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    this is how it is when I spar with a woman:

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    Why do you keep going on about women for, Stan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R. Brown View Post
    Why do you keep going on about women for, Stan?
    He got beat up by a girl.

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    Waaaay too much hopping/jumping around...waste of energy
    "The true meaning of a given movement in a form is not its application, but rather the unlimited potential of the mind to provide muscular and skeletal support for that movement." Gregory Fong

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    The amount he initiated, you'd think he was a tai chi guy.

    After about the twentieth lead leg roundkick, you'd think he might've countered.

    That was mind numbingly boring.

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    Whether he was holding back or not, he was definitely confused and thrown off by her. She kept getting him with lunge punches. If he was so much better and it was only a matter of him holding back, he should still have had a defense for her attacks. He was clearly getting frustrated, so obviously he didn't.

    If the idea of sparring a woman was too beneath him, then he shouldn't have agreed to do it. It seems she's receiving more criticism, but she was doing the best she could with what she had against him, and certainly appeared more together at her art than he appeared at his.

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