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Thread: Some Hong Kong footage

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    Some Hong Kong footage

    Here's some oldish footage from LT's gym. Starts with a very light rolling and some light Chi Sau section work, then at 0:14 moves into some Lat Sau/Gor Sau training (still light, but they're not wearing any protection ). Geared towards student level material for the guy in the white t-shirt.

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    Interesting video. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc101 View Post
    Interesting video. Thanks.
    You're welcome. I don't know how many guys on this forum train in the EWTO under Keith Kernspecht, but they might find the video interesting (to see how the training for student grades is done in Hong Kong). Plus, we've had a few threads on Chi Sau and Gor Sau and what the purpose is in training them, etc, so I thought the clip might offer something to some.

    (but I am prepared, of course, that some might say they do things differently , which is cool too)

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