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Thread: Schools / Instructors in Jinan?

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    Schools / Instructors in Jinan?

    Hi guys,
    I've just become a Daddy and I'm looking to start up training again as soon as possible. Got to stay in shape for the little one! I've been living in 济南 (Jinan) for the last couple of years but haven't seen or heard of anywhere to train - although I must admit, I've only just started looking

    I used to study Hap Gar in the UK under sifu David Rogers and would love to find something similar and am seriously considering moving down south at the end of the year to find another southern style.

    If anyone knows of anywhere or any coaches that I could train with in the meantime, I'd greatly appreciate any info!
    Many thanks,

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    You asked me this privately...

    ...I have a little more since we corresponded. I don't know about Jinan specifically, but Shandong should be fairly fruitful. We've featured Shandong masters on several covers. I mentioned to you earlier Song Yixiang on our Jan+Feb 2014, but there's also Alex Tao on our Jan+Feb 2001 who is mostly in the U.S. now but I believe he maintains an academy somewhere in Shandong still, and Yu Hai on our Jan+Feb 2007 (weird that these are all Jan+Febs), although I don't think he teaches anymore (you might find students of his). That's just off the top of my head.

    Jinan was the first place I ever went to in China. I went to compete in a tournament hosted by our current cover master, Sun Jiankui (Mar+Apr 2014) but like Yu Hai, I don't think he teaches openly.

    Shoot, I just thought of another Shandonger - Yu Chenghui, July+Aug 2012 (so much for my Jan+Feb thing) - only he's like Yu and Sun; they are all movie stars and don't teach to my knowledge, but they might have students.
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