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Our friend in this forum Danny or Horse Rider who has left us sadly.
who is from lo Kwai Leung Jan lineage, if my memory serve , non chan wah line, confirm the one set or single long form system exist in his lineage co exist with the after split three sets system , in this same forum years ago.
Here is the thing you use the word confirmed as though this confirmed the story you are trying to sell. I am saying it doesn't and that I just asked for the evidence not your opinion on what this evidence means.

What you are telling me is that out of all the many many many lineages in wing chun and the many that come from LJ you have ONE just one that besides your YK has one long set though it also has the three sets.

You like to count the hits and not the misses don't you?

Why do we take this lineage story as historically accurate especially in light of all the evidence to the contrary?

Whether it is the three forms or one form, the core is the core.
The content of the SNT or the first part of Yik kam long set is the core.

Long story on one set three sets......
Read this issue and coming issue of WCI and watching the coming sifu Sergio channel for details.
Let's be clear here. Are you saying snake crane has your Yik Kam kuit as part of its system? Yes or no.

Snake crane wing chun does not have the one long set? Yes or No.

If hei gung is such an important part of wing chun as you say, why did Leung Jan, Yip Man, YKS, Sum Nung, and on and on not teach it? -------

You needs to ask them.

However, it is certain SNT without Qi core elements doesn't work well.
Stop the evasion. They are dead and I am asking you. YOU Mr. Hendrik say it doesn't work well AND YET our late masters WHO ARE KNOWN FOR MAKING IT WORK WELL did not use or teach your stuff. They did not have your YK kuit. Leung Jan teaches us we do not need it. Yip Man teaches us we do not need it. YKS teaches us we do not need it. Sum Nung teaches us we do not need it. Oh but Mr. Hendrik tells us we do BUT Mr. Hendrik cannot tell us why our grandmasters did not.

Mr Hendrik tells us this hei gung is necessary for good wing chun but Mr. Hendrik cannot show us that he has good wing chun or anyone who does who uses his hei gung stuff.

So one one hand we have our masters who were known for their good wing chun who did not use or teach Hendrik's hei gung and on the other Mr. Hendrik who cannot even show he or anyone else who uses his hei gung has any great skill proclaiming for the world that you cannot have good wing chun unless you do things his way.

Btw. Stop using the term heigung. Heigung is a modern Chinese coin term after early 1900.

One needs to know exactly what one is talking about. Not those heigung term where one can make it to mean anything one likes.

use the phrase

Qi element = biochemical + bio electrical element which influence biomechanics of the human body.

Qi development in SNT is exactly as describe here.

If one has this type of handling great, if not the Qi core element or layer is missing .
I was taught that wing chun is a southern fist and that the language of wing chun is Cantonese not mandarin. Hei gung is Cantonese is it not and qi is mandarin. Sum Nung called his added set hei gung. Too bad he is now dead or you could have explained to him how wrong he was about everything,