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Thread: choy gar and Leung Bok Chau

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    choy gar and Leung Bok Chau

    Reading elsewhere found a story as follows:

    The main proponent of the system was Choy Gau Yee’s best student, Leung Bok Chao, of Zhao Quing.


    Have absolutely no idea if this is the same as "our" Leung Bok Chau but interesting anyway.


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    Part of one of many Legend's (not History) I heard -

    Also at this time there was a Young man named *Leung Bak Sau who when he was younger had a foster father who also had four natural sons. The foster father was the Linage holder of Choy Family Kung Fu. Due to his good character and skill the foster father past on the title of linage holder to Leung Bak Sau before he past away. The real sons where not happy about this and caused trouble for him. Therefore Leung Bak Sau agreed to hand over the title to them. He then decided to move away to another village to become a school teacher. This village happened to be the village where Yim Wing Chun lived. One day Leung Bak Sau saw Yim Wing Chun practising her Kung Fu. Her method was odd and did not look effective so thinking that the way she was training looked silly, he teased and made fun of her. She was thin skinned and easily took offense. She wanted to challenge him so she asked her father and he gave his permission. Leung Bak Sau was soundly beaten by Yim Wing Chun. A romance ensued and they got married after which she taught him her Kung Fu. Two years after the marriage Yim Say passed away and Leung Bak Sau and Yim Wing Chun moved to a village in Guangdong.

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