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Thread: Knock down vs. take down

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    Knock down vs. take down

    If you count the number of knock downs vs the number of take downs in the following San Da tournament, you will get

    - 12 knock downs,
    - 35 take downs,

    That's about 1-3 ratio and between to 2-8 and 3-7 ratio for every 10 rounds. Does this mean that throwing art is easier to apply than the striking art? Your thought?

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    To some extent yes but it also depends on the rules of the fight and the training background of the fighters. Knock down could be a finishing move but in different rules takedown is not a finishing move.

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    It's difficult to tell from a highlight reel, though I understand your line of thinking.

    To get a KO by striking, your options are limited: cross, roundhouse, back heel kick. To get a clean KO from a distance requires a bit of luck with the timing. Takedowns can be done many different ways, whether you clinch, enter from a distance, or catch a kick. If you lack perfect timing, you might be able to power through a throw to get the takedown.

    Then again, that's a gross generalization. I try to identify the weakness of my opponent, then I use that.
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    A "knockdown" a term I have seen in the internal circles(especially hsing I) where throwing is not prevelabt. These arts tend not to focus on learning to wrestle and therefore mainly talk about "knockdowns".

    Wrestling arts wrestle.

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    Knockdowns are only one benefit of striking. Another is setting up throws and takedowns.

    That said, if you can't do throws or takedowns, you better be able to KO people.

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    Aside from the numbers one can observe the following:

    1 The weakness in attacking with a lead leg roundhouse kick. It is like saying."Grab my leg and throw me please."

    2 The need to incorporate more power kicks.

    3 The need for combination striking.

    There are good points:

    1 The fighters displayed decent reaction timing.

    2 The fighters appeared to be conditioned

    3 Some the fighters appeared to have put in time for strength development

    4 The fighters came to seriously throw down. They were bringing it.

    If you want to emphasize the striking game in the sport, you simply award more points for striking. The same goes for throws.


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    Yep, I have an answer to the question. We cannot say one is easier than the other. The reason is because strike usually comes first than throw. But knock down occurs only when one is being hurt seriously. That is not necessary to take down. Humans are bipedals. They easily fall down.


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