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Thread: New Baguazhang Book

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    New Baguazhang Book

    For those interested...

    My second book, this one on Bagua and realistic training thereof, has just been released.

    For now, you can find it on Amazon here:

    It will also soon be available on our website in about 10 days or so and then filter into the other retail places thereafter.

    Similar format as my Xingyi book. A lot of emphasis on two person training and mechanics of both technique and movement to develop actual martial skills. Much less emphasis on things like history, classic songs (other than the ones I break down from mechanical perspectives), etc.

    Cheers and happy 4th to all of you.
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    Excellent news, Shifu Patterson!

    Hoping you and your clan have a Great 4th!
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    Sounds like your new publication will be a big hit especially for those practitioners who want to get a start on learning this highly developed internal system. The written description of contents puts that idea across. Thanks for posting Sifu Patterson!

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