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Thread: Ba Ji stomping

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    Ba Ji stomping

    What do you think ?

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    We practice

    1 heel up and then land (with sole side on the ground) (stage one)

    2 we do not jump off ground too high, serious damage to knee and hip. (stage 2)

    3 barely off the ground, you do not see movement but you have done all the required stomping energy (stage 3).

    of course

    we add weights on ankle in stages, too.

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    There are many types of stomping practice in all styles.

    We want to borrow the energy from the ground.

    We also have to learn to dissipate or transfer the energy all over our body.

    If not done right, we hurt our self big time with repeated injuries to our ankle, knee and hip.

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    I like it. We do stomping techniques in our style of Sil-Lum. We call it thunder stepping and it can be used with pretty much any hand striking, blocking, some grabs. Good stuff, generates lots of power.

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    It is a good exercise to develop lg strength and bone calcium build up. Sumo wrestlers do a similar exercise.

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    Grinding stomp. nian zhen.

    1. we raise our heels and turn on our sole (grinding).

    2. we land our heels (stomp).

    Why ?

    We may kao the opponent with our elbow or shoulder.

    We may ding the opponent with our fist.

    We deliver them with a grinding/twisting/spiraling energy from our feet up to the rest of our body and onto the opponent.

    There are sinking downward energy and outburst/explosive energy from dan tian outward. In addition to forward energy.

    Difficult to explain.

    Kao is a whole body shudder.

    The shudder energy is generated from dan tian outward plus counter energy from the ground.

    They are coupled with proper inhalation, exhalation and voicing.

    Practice is in stages. We increase intensity over time.

    Takes time and practice.

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