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Thread: Chan Pui Footage

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    my guess would be that if he wanted video of himself put up he would have someone do it. I would never post video of someone else....even if I did video it at a demo or tournament.... unless given permission.

    He has probably heard of a lot of negative comments on forums like these......and he may not see the point in doing it....or care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneChing View Post
    That was really cool to watch, hope I can move like that when I am that age. I remember I went to train there for a two week full time training course about 20 years ago. I made the mistake of going to their sparring class, I think they took that as a challenge and put me up against their best guys, and they were trying to take my head off.

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    Just watched the dvd vol 1 If your looking to see Pui Chan and B Lai demonstrate this is the dvd to do so.

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