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Thread: Yeah, you ain't JCVD, so don't...just stop it

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    Yeah, you ain't JCVD, so don't...just stop it

    Here's a guy trying to do something he can't:
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    I would say that it was the drivers that couldn't. Anyone can do what he was doing, given good drivers.

    That being said, I lose no sleep watching morons get hurt. Helps weed out the idiot gene. He should try again!

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    Ouch! I bet his hip/thigh area is bruised all to he!!.

    I'm siding with the improve the gene pool crowd on that one. Maybe a handstand attempt next time would speed up the process. At least he didn't accept the Facebook fire challenge, so he has that going for him.

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    Ouch... I bet that hurt. It looks like he fell at least sort of "properly" though (I hope.)

    Well, as far as the "idiot gene" thing... we all do "stupid" things or make "stupid mistakes" especially when we are younger, such as rock climbing with no gear (ahem). It doesn't mean we are idiots.

    I don't want to sound too personal but in 2003 my younger brother (1 year younger) was in an accident like this, his senior year of high school. He was joy-riding on the back of a van that was going up-hill and hit a bump. He flew off the bumper he was standing on and cracked his head open in several places.

    The worst part is that his "friends" just drove off, as he lay there bleeding to death. Thankfully someone eventually came by in the nick of time and called 9-1-1. He was airlifted to the hospital. He was even in a coma for several days, and for a while was too weak to talk. He had to learn physical therapy to learn how to walk again. When he got out of the hospital he never properly took care of himself, most unfortunetly. He is an alcoholic to deal with his head injury and has been arrested, on several charges, I guess there were warrants out on him for a while.

    I wouldn't say my brother was an idiot. Just young and foolish- and now he is all messed up.

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    Do they still give out the "Darwin awards" ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syn7 View Post
    I Helps weed out the idiot gene.
    There's a pun to be made here, but I'm just not going there. Not first thing in the morning, at least.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenBrain View Post
    I'm siding with the improve the gene pool crowd on that one.
    Hey you kids! Get outta my pool!
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