Dear all,

Any martial artists in the New York City area out there?

I am attempting to put together a comprehensive listing of all martial arts schools in the New York City area, including the five outer boroughs. I am including Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Shaolin, Hung Ga, as well as lesser-known, regional styles. Internal as well as external styles included.

I am finding it a big challenge to locate many of these schools. Some no longer have a website (or never had one to begin with), and may be falling through the cracks. Many, especially those in Chinatown, just have a phone number and that's it. Also, if there are any rare, regional styles (that I may not be aware of), I would love to help bring them out of obscurity by listing them (and possibly featuring them) on the site. Of course, I cannot search for them, or look them up, if I do not even know that they exist...which is why I would appreciate any help that anyone out there can give. The listings can be accessed via the "By Origin" section in the menu on the site's main page:

If any of you belong to (or know of) any schools not listed, I would be grateful if you could let me know. Any additional or pertinent information is appreciated. With your help I really hope to make this a useful free resource to all martial artists.

Many thanks in advance to all!