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Thread: How to find good schools in your area

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    Question How to find good schools in your area

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently looking for a good school in my area (Denver, Colorado, USA) and before I started just going around town meticulously going to each school, I thought I would come here, in hopes of finding assistance. You see, I have gone into random schools before and have been supremely disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm that they have had for the fighting arts. One school had a dog kennel inside with barking dogs, and an undeniable smell of dog feces all throughout the dojo. And the rates were high! @_@

    I'm personally trying to find a good Kung Fu school where I can safely learn conditioning techiques such as Iron Shirt, Iron palm etc. I practice at home currently and I'm practicing Ba Duan Jin, and Yi Jin Jing. I'm learning the Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan as well.

    I would be most grateful for any help/tips, and please let this become a general thread on the Best Techniques for finding good schools in your area.

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    colorado is like hilly billy central. i dont think u can learn shaolin kung fu there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
    Hello everyone!
    please let this become a general thread on the Best Techniques for finding good schools in your area.
    google/bing/yahoo them, smartphone local search and words of mouths.

    1. do a phone search in your locality

    2. go and visit

    3. ask people around

    I have a 7 star mantis school near me. sort of after school care for kids.

    Good luck for searching southern shaolin in your area, if that is your focus.

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    We only have two distributors in CO

    None in Denver though. See our distributors list here.
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    You will probably have to commute outside your area to learn what you're seeking. It can be a lot more challenging to find good Chinese Martial Arts (CMA) instruction than other arts like karate, taekwondo, BJJ, etc.

    I found my CLF Sifu because I had a friend who was one of his top students. I liked the way my friend fought, and became curious about it. I could see that the teacher and his mid-to upper-level students were very good. So I was introduced in. Not every student of his was introduced in; many saw the small yellow page ad he ran back in the day.

    In general, I've been lucky in finding good teachers. I found my Mantis teacher in Taiwan because I simply became acquainted with him after observing him and his students over a period of time.

    Not all CMA schools do much advertising, and most that do seem to emphasize more on the performance or health aspects. None of the schools I trained at placed any emphasis on 'kiddie' classes. If a school does that and you're interested, make sure they have good adult programs, and if you can, watch the students and the teacher(s).
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    Kung Fu Club there

    Denver Shuai-chiao Club (丹佛摔跤社團) John Hsieh
    +1 303 840 6370
    American Combat Shuai Chiao Association (ACSCA)
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    This place is from Lin Pan Zhang's mantis line. Not really "Shaolin," but sometimes you take what you can get.
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    Hey guys, many thanks for these informative replies. I was busy the last few days and wasn't able to get on here.

    I had a feeling there wasn't too many CMA schools here in Denver. But I'm not done searching. I'll be taking SBJ's advice and doing a thorough scanning of the metro area.

    There is a school that I teaches Bagua and Tai Chi, that I have heard is good. And this one I have considered.

    I have also been interested in the Wudang schools, namely two, one ran by Shen Shixing and the other ran by Master Yuan. Anyone know about these schools? I'd be curious to hear from someone who has gone!
    I've thought about going for years now, but it requires a decent amount of cash.

    But luckily I have access to all of the wonderful Shaolin tutorial videos! And for the time being, I will train with these.

    Again, thank you everyone for the advice here!

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