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Thread: Coiling Dragon Staff and the Emperor

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    Coiling Dragon Staff and the Emperor

    This is about Coiling Dragon Staff (pan long gun 盤龍棍).
    There is some evidence that a staff form taught during the Ming Dynasty is now called Coiling Dragon Staff. I am wondering what other schools have learned this.

    Here is a version similar to what I learned. Taiwan Pan Long Gun.

    Pan Long Gun and my version of Six Harmony Staff are all the same moves arranged in a different combination. Since Six Harmony Staff is a long two person set it is worthwhile to take a look. My student and I performing in Taiwan as Shifu Shi Zhengzhong tells about my training with him. Two Person Six Harmony.

    In Taiwan there is also the Coiling Dragon Staff vs Spear (Pan long gun jin qiang 盤龍棍進槍), famously taught by Gao Daosheng, there was a video of him doing this on TV many years ago.

    In China there are several versions, all looking unrelated. Taiji Mantis version I am unfamiliar with.

    I am looking for information on different lineages that have this staff and trace it back to some particular date or place. I have only heard that the version that I learned was taught in the National Martial arts school in Shandong in the 30's.

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