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Thread: Sometimes I really wonder about people...

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    Sam Wiley Guest

    Sometimes I really wonder about people...

    I couldn't make it on opening night to see Jet Li's new movie, so I decided to go Saturday. A couple of friends and I dropped by the box office an hour early to pick up tickets, since this is the only theatre around for about 15 miles. Anyway, the chick at the counter said they were sold out. An hour before the show?

    What ****es me off about this was not the fact that they were sold out. What ****es me off is that this past summer, Tomb Raider was displayed at this same theatre on 3 screens at the same time, Planet of the Apes was shown on 3 screens at the same time, and Jurassic Park was shown on 2 at the same time. And yet The One, one of this seasons biggest pictures is shown on only one, meaning that when the show is sold out, it's really sold out.

    OHHHHHH...but the story gets worse. Not only was the last showing on Saturday sold out, but they are not showing the film again until Friday! ******* Friday! For Pete's sake, people, who in the name of **** shows one of the hottest pictures of the season only two days a week when the ******* theatre is open 7 days a week?!!!

    Now, I realize that Romeo Must Die literally made some people ask for their money back. And I also know that Kiss of the Dragon didn't do so well in this area. (Not the film's fault. The *******s at this theatre showed it on one of their smaller screens and did not advertise that they were showing the film.) But the fact is that this film has been really hyped up, and a lot of people are dying to get in to see it. I think that Monsters Inc. can be shown on less than 2 screens, and so can some of the other crap out there. And on top of that, I think that if you're going to show all the big films, you should show all the big films every ******* day you're open!

    I mean, Jesus Christ, people! How much money do they make off the crowd that goes to see Jet Li in this area?! $7.25 for admission, $4 for popcorn, $3 for candy, another $4 for a coke. And that's not to mention all the money their game company makes off of people hanging out in the lobby playing video games while they wait to rush to the good seats, and yes, there are good seats, even in a theatre with stadium seating. Bloody Hell, I go into the theatre with a 20 in my pocket and come out broke.

    I was willing last night to go to a crappier theatre just to see this movie, but oh no! The only two other theatres in the area shut down about 2 years ago BEFORE this theatre opened. They just gave up, man! The closest theatre to this one was about 15 miles away, and I had already driven 10 miles to get there!



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    Mr. Nemo Guest
    I hear you, man. The university village theater near where I live shows jack sh!t. They have three screens and show the crappiest movie out on two of them, and the second crappiest on the third.

    What's more, this theater is located in a mall that's right across the street from what is arguably the biggest film school in the world (USC school of cinema + television).

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    soy Guest
    The one is just another hyped of action movie. Nobody with half a brain would actually pay to see it. The theatres know this.

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    Ryu Guest
    There there, Sam. If it makes you feel any better, Jet Li sucks. :D :D



    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    rogue Guest
    Give it another week Sam and it'll be on DVD.

    Just took the kids to see Monsters Inc, excellent film.

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    Budokan Guest
    The alternate title to the new Jet Li film "The One" is "Straight-To-Video".

    K. Mark Hoover

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    Ryu Guest

    "One who takes pride in shallow knowledge or understanding is like a monkey who delights in adorning itself with garbage."

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    atsai Guest

    if it makes you feel better...

    I sometimes drive more than 25 mi to see a movie because I didn't like the megaplex ten minutes from where I live. But then I never had them sold out on me before..., nevermind.

    The One is playing on some 2800 screens (not theatre). I think those summer blockbusters played on close to 4000 screens during opening week. The threatre make more money on snacks than movie tickets..., they probably figured people would sneak in and see da One anyway--as long as they buy some popcorns.

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    Ky-Fi Guest
    No plans to see "The One". Why must they persist in taking Jet Li, one of the most physically gifted action stars in the world, and adding tons of crappy FX to all his fight moves? Heck, after watching some of the fight scene documentaries on the Star Wars DVD, I"m more impressed with the skill level shown by Ewan Macgregor and Liam Neeson after only a few months of training---at least it's really them doing the fight scenes with no computer enhancement.

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    Speaking of DVDs...I only own a few. Several martial arts flicks, a few Sci-fi flicks. But the one I enjoy having the most? Bring It On with Kirstin Dunst. Sometimes I still get requests from visitors for the deleted car wash scenes.

    Anyway, my point is that so far, this film has kicked some major ass. It's right behind Monsters, Inc. So why the **** are they only showing it two days a week? Jurassic Park III, one of the worst films I have ever payed to see in theatres, surpassed only by Battlefield Earth, was shown on more than one screen, so why can't they just get real?

    Anyway, I'm not a big fan of either Billy Crystal or John Goodman. I'd like to stooge slap them and yell, "What were you two thinking with City Slickers II and Blues Bros. 2000?! City Slickers didn't deserve a sequel and Blues Bros. didn't need one!!"


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    Sam Wiley Guest
    And while we're on the subject of the Phantom Menace DVD...I am so ****ed at Lucas. You know, he swore he'd never put any of them out on DVD, so like probably 20 million other suckers out there, I bought the VHS edition, and then the money-grubbing ******* comes out with the DVD a year later? WTF? My roommate, blinded by the flash and allure of deleted scenes bought the ****ed thing, never realizing that his most beloved director blatantly lied to him, and on top of that, stuck half of the deleted scenes into the movie for the DVD anyway. Not only does he sell you one copy of the movie by first telling you you can't have other than VHS, he then sells you a second copy on DVD with the promise of extra scenes, BUT the one on the DVD isn't even the movie as it appeared in theatres because he's stuck in several deleted scenes (totalling maybe a solid minute, if that). It's bad enough that some of the stuff he wanted to include and couldn't was only a few seconds long in the extras section, but he sticks them in the movie anyway, without even including the movie without them.

    Sure, I loved the footage of Liam and Ewan practicing their fights, but give me a break. I'm more interested in the stuff that happens after Return of the Jedi than I am about what happened to Anakin. After all, I already know about all that. Remember, it was all explained in the original three movies.

    And anyway, I've seen footage from the set of Episode II on the net and have a question. Jedi colors are light and neutral, like brown, beige, and tan. Earth tones, man. In the Attack of the Clones footage, Anakin is wearing dark colors, clearly not part of the traditional Jedi wardrobe. The same thing happens to Luke in Jedi he ends up wearing black. Now, given that Luke is destined to fall to the Dark Side and serve the Emperor (I estimate Episode VII here), and does briefly fall into it's embrace during his final battle with Darth Vader...I just want to know if it strikes the Jedi masters as wierd that most pupils stick to traditional colors, and those with a lot of anger in them tend to wear...I don't Do they not recognize this trend from their 80's handbooks on cult awareness?


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    joedoe Guest

    Sam Wiley

    Man, you analyse way too much. I just watch the movies and enjoy them :)

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    Sam Wiley Guest
    I'm just saying, man. They should recognize that students liable to turn to the Dark Side wear black all the time. Check Anakin's bedroom, I'm sure you'll find Motley Crue and Deicide posters. Round about Episode III, Yoda will say, "Told you, I did."

    Anyway, I guess I got it out of my system. It's not like The One is the best movie ever made. That would make it an Evil Dead movie, and Jet Li is no Bruce Campbell..


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    joedoe Guest
    No, I think the real sign is that a student that is likely to turn to the dark side is a whiney, snivelly, annoying character to start with and they aren't going to get better. :D

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    Serpent Guest
    But Lucas also said that there's not going to be nine movies as originally suggested and that these new three will complete a set of six. Then there'll be no more.

    So Ep7 isn't going to happen, according to Lucas, so the theorising about Luke is a moot point.

    Then again, Lucas is a lying ******* - he said the Force was in everything in the first movies, then pulls that Midichlorian BS out of his a$$ for Phantom Menace. The guy's a tool.

    Not to mention the Great DVD Scam - I hear ya, Sam!

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