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Thread: Is anyone familiar with this lineage of Bak Mei?

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    Is anyone familiar with this lineage of Bak Mei?

    My sigong learned Bak Mei before Ving Tsun, and as a result, my sifu learned some Bak Mei and of that he taught me some as well. I always wondered about its source/origin, mainly because I'm a nosey student who wonders where everything came from lol. But either way, I noticed that the condensed form I was taught is basically this form without the repetitions in different directions. I also noticed that (similar to how it is in many kung fu systems) sup jee kuen is not the same across all bak mei lineages, and it actually often differs from what this sifu is doing. But despite some differences in structure, this is pretty much the same thing I do. So does anyone know why this form is so different from other lineages or what are some characteristics about this lineage's bak mei? Hopefully these questions dont come off as offensive for any reason, I'm really just trying to learn more about the movements in this lineages form to understand the views of people who actually practice this system in its entirety so that I can apply those perspectives to what I train.
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    Not me, but thanks for sharing the video.

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