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Thread: Tai Chi Bodyguards

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    Tai Chi Bodyguards

    We've got threads for Shaolin bodyguards, women bodyguards for billionaires and Beijing bodyguards, so why not Tai Chi too?

    Jack Ma's bodyguard: master of tai chi
    Updated: 2014-12-26 11:46
    By Ma Chi(

    Li Tianjin, the martial arts master, escorts Jack Ma on his way to witness Alibaba's IPO at NYSE. [Photo/]

    With an average height and plain looks, Li Tianjin does not impress at the first sight, but he has an eye-catching role: the bodyguard of business tycoon Jack Ma.

    In a biography on Ma, there is a story that highlights the superb martial arts skills of Li Tianjin.

    When Ma and members of a green NGO went to a prairie in Inner Mongolia autonomous region for a field survey, they came across a Mongolian wrestler who raised a challenge to them. But the Mongolian wrestler's arrogance was dampened by Li, the low-profile tai chi master who beat him down in the blink of an eye.

    Born in Chenjiagou in Central China's Henan province, the birthplace of tai chi, Li Tianjin is the youngest among his five brothers, but the most talented one in terms of martial arts skill. He started practicing tai chi at eight years old, and was apprenticed to a master of Chen-style tai chi at 14.

    In 1998, 19-year-old Li won his first award in tai chi competition and secured more titles in the following years.

    Taichi often strikes people as a slow and gentle sports game practiced by the elderly for health benefits, but Li Tianjin's story proves that it is a technique that can help you beat the attacker.

    Li said the secret of tai chi lies in meeting the incoming force with softness and following its motion while remaining in physical contact until the incoming force exhausts itself or can be safely redirected.

    In Jack Ma's eyes, this applies to business too. He summarized the essence of tai chi, or running business, in three words: "calm", no matter what happens, remain calm; "follow", follow the trend; and "abandon", learn to abandon burden in life.

    Now, let's learn some tips on dodging enemy's attack and beating it from Master Li.

    Jack Ma's bodyguard: master of tai chi

    If the enemy grabs your wrist, you pull his arm to your belly, and force him back to the other side. [Photo/IC]

    If the attacker hits you with the right fist, you slide to the side and pull his forearm to the front, and push his arm down from the elbow. [Photo/IC]
    There's more on this here.
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    What's tai chi?
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    For most

    It is a balance of hard and soft.

    Strength and gentleness.

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    That name is interesting. People underestimate the tai chi. The body gaurd thing doesn't seem strange at all.
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