Who wins?

Rules for the fight:

1. Prime vs. Prime (Bruce Lee is resurrected or brought back through time travel and he's in the best shape of his life as is Aldo).

2. UFC rules (not a street fight they are competing under unified rules of Mixed Martial Arts).

3. No Prep for either fighter (Bruce Lee doesn't get time to train MMA he comes in to the fight with the skills he developed in his life time. Fight starts instantaneously and Bruce Lee knows all of the rules).

4. No injuries (Bruce Lee's back is fine. Aldo isn't suffering from his current rib injury or any other injuries).

5. No Cheating (Winner of the fight wins fair and square).

6. Same weight (This is for the UFC Featherweight championship and Bruce Lee weighs 145 pounds).

I want serious answers. Who do you think would win and why? How would the fight transpire? This thread was inspired by Youtube discussions where people are arguing about who would win and how Bruce Lee would do in MMA in general.

Here's a video of the fight from the UFC videogame for your viewing pleasure: