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Thread: Why is Lineage so important to some people?

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    SantaClaus Guest

    Lineage not important?

    Ok then I'm an instructor under Ashida Kim. Who wants to attend my seminar. How about Master Iron Kim?

    Now I say that I'm a Master of Chen style tai chi with strict chen lineage to the founder and recognized by the chen familly.

    Or I'm a san shou fighter and Cung Le is my coach.

    Lineage not important? In your dreams.
    Can I say that Cung Le is my coach when he wasn't? And sell videotapes? I'm using his good name. 50 years from now its just as wrong. Lineage is important, you should give respect where respect is due and not try to leach off of people.

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    Mr. Nemo Guest
    Good points.

    Of course, lineage is not the only thing that's important. And lineage can too easily be faked nowadays.

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    joedoe Guest
    Yes, lineage can be important. But a good lineage does not mean you are a superior artist/fighter. It just means that you have learned from a line of good artists/fighters.

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    logic Guest

    Good point ABandit

    It's not only who you learn from or the styles you know. But what you put into it.

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    thumper Guest
    that's true, but at the same time if i see a seminar by someone who has a great lineage, i am more enticed by that one than by one of a lineage that i don't hold in as high esteem. that's just my warped reality though.

    'either you like reincarnation or the smell of carnations'

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    joedoe Guest
    That is fair enough. However, are we talking about attending lessons (i.e the quality of the art/teaching) or are we talking about the ability of the fighter? Obviously you want to learn from the highest quality teachers, but just because you learn from a high quality teacher does not mean that you are automatically a better fighter or more skilled in the MA.

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    joedoe Guest
    Don't be nasty to Santa. He knows who's naughty and nice. :D

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    scotty1 Guest
    When it comes to studying, if someone knows their stuff, then I'll learn off them. I couldn't really care less about the lineage. Although having lineage is kind of proof (though not %100) that they do know their stuff.

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    Shaolindynasty Guest
    I know some schools who I beleive they made their lineage up based on some real events that may have happened which makes it real hard to get proof that they are frauds. I would use the abbilities of the instructor to verify wether he is legit or not. Lineage can be so easy to fake, look at paulie zink he was the "monkey king" for like 20 years before people found out he was a fake and he still is going strong cause people who don't surf the net don't know yet. If you pick a master who is dead and link yourself to him and say he made me the next lineage holder before he died, then it would be pretty difficult to find out otherwise unless the master was really famous. I have also seen people with "good lineages" who suck cause their teacher was too comercial and was running a Mcdojo but I don't want to mention any names. So to me Lineage don't mean jack, the proof is in the pudding

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    SantaClaus Guest
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    KC Elbows Guest
    Amen for the comment about good lineage holders going completely commercial. Too common, if you ask me.

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    Satanachia Guest
    The way I see it, lineage would be important to get people in. But you're only going to probably attract people who already know what they're doing with actual lineage, otherwise you can just make something up, like "27th Grand Master of Iron-slap-spatula" and everyone who doesn't already know kung fu will be impressed. Meaning you'll attract begginners, but with the end result of lineage being meaningless.

    (Oh watch out, he's a student of spoon kung fu...they say he's a direct decendant of the grand master who came up with the style when a thief tried to attack him while he was eating a bowl of soup in the kitchen...but he's the 27th grand master, so it must be good, right?)

    As for effectiveness, frankly, it might have some effect, it might not. Someone doesn't need to have a lineage at all to be a good fighter/teacher. Similarly, someone might have a huge important respected lineage, but they might be the worst teacher for you.
    I say, go case by case, judge things on what you see, what the teacher can do, what kind of person he is, and not to judge style or teacher effectiveness on how many funky sounding adjectives and ancient names someone can write.

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    How Important Is Lineage?

    If your school doesn't have a long lineage, or hasn't kept real good records of who all the previous masters were, does this mean that its not legitimate? Do all legitimate schools have lineages?



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