Good evening!

Nice to meet everyone.

I didn't see a place for people to introduce themselves so I figured I'd post here.

I had a couple of questions (just generic forum questions):

1) I'm especially interested in learning a thing or two about Chinese martial arts history and wouldn't mind a light-hearted discussion here and there. Who on the forum could I trust for some really good info on the stuff (especially Republican period/Rise of PRC period history, as well as its spread to other countries)?

2) I currently do Isshin-Ryu Karate but may consider a Kung Fu school down the road. What are some really good cities for CMA schools (I'd especially be interested in schools that participate in free sparring competitions)? I may choose to move to one of those cities for work after my studies

3) Any sort of "unwritten rules" advice for a new KFM forum member? Besides not trolling, of course.