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Thread: White Crane- CLF- I liked this. Seems a guy who knows is stuff.

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    White Crane- CLF- I liked this. Seems a guy who knows is stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxerbilly View Post
    He is a lot better than some other fake White Crane Masters who lurk around.

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    It matters little to me if someone is a fighter or not. I tend to gravitate to those guys myself. Im not to worried about knowing everything or if I do this or that text book perfect. Can I use it? Can you get me to use it. At this point in life, I do appreciate the technical aspects of things I used to call worthless crap. Kempo. Funny I was just talking with a friend the other day. Not going to get into it all but I ended up saying, technique number 527- Entangled Mess. Meaning , you got so much to draw from you log jam and cant use any fast enough.

    Anyway, I liked this guy. I saw right away he has used and trained people to use it outside of the school or tournament.

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    Nice vid.

    I saw a lot of Fujian White Crane of various styles in Taiwan...Flying Crane, Feeding Crane, and maybe some others. Fujian Crane styles are very different from Tibetan White Crane.

    I agree that too much material is bad for actual use. Too many responses for too many hypothetical variables. The most important thing is having the basics and the basic principles down, and drilling those to develop flexible actions and responses. Some arts will have more options; others will have fewer. But even though they're different in a lot of ways, the end goal is still the same.
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    I have Lorne's book and have seen some of his stuff, he even had some of his people doing full contact events if I recall correctly.
    He has the goods.
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