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Stainless steel now obsolete: Chinese graduate designing stadium made entirely of bamboo

While the rest of China's architects fool around, TU DELFT architecture graduate Shen Chen is drawing up plans for the next Archiprix prize-winning project: a portable stadium to be constructed entirely from bamboo.

The new structure will be unveiled for the first time in De Brettn, a green zone in Amsterdam's Geuzenveld. Capable of being taken apart and put back together again, the stadium features three major components: a roof, grandstand, and facilities. Inspired by similarly innovative buildings in the East, Chen hopes her bamboo stadium will contribute to the development of more environmentally sustainable ways of construction in the architecture world.
"In addition to the sustainable value of building with bamboo, the integration of living bamboo into building design may blur the boundary between nature and architecture," said Chen.

Right now, though, more research into the load-bearing limits of bamboo and whatnot must still be conducted.
However, Chen has already been shortlisted by Achiprix International as a contender for best graduate project globally. Vote bamboo!
[Images via Design Indaba]
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By Shanghaiist in News on Jan 20, 2016 10:30 PM