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Thread: Master Sun Deyao Mantis Seminars JUNE + AUGUST 2016

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    Thumbs up Master Sun Deyao Mantis Seminars JUNE + AUGUST 2016

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to personally invite everyone who is interested this summer to come to Atlanta Georgia to learn Mantis Boxing (螳螂拳 tanglang quan).

    This June I will be teaching:
    Mantis double-handed straight sword (双手剑 shuang shou jian).
    Mantis exists the cave (螳螂出洞 tanglang chu dong).

    This August I will be teaching:
    Summary boxing (essentials) #1 (摘要一段 zhaiyao yi duan).
    Summary boxing (essentials) #2 (摘要二段 zhaiyao er duan).

    I am located in the northeast area of Atlanta in Duluth which is in the same area of:
    and Johns Creek

    If you are in the Atlanta area this June or August and would like to learn my family’s system of Mantis Boxing (螳螂拳 tanglang quan) then the seminar page of my website has the seminar information and the form for signing up.

    Take care,
    -Master Sun Deyao (孙德尧)
    Master Sun Deyao (孙德尧)
    Great-grandson of Master Hao Hong (郝宏先师) founder of Supreme Ultimate Plum Blossom Mantis Boxing (太极梅花螳螂拳 taiji meihua tanglang quan).

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    cool seminar and nice looking school

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    That is Stan Tabor's school in Massachusetts.
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