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Thread: Chinese martial arts manuals book, 10 years ago, thanks!

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    Chinese martial arts manuals book, 10 years ago, thanks!

    I noticed awhile back that my book, Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals: A Historical Survey, had been out over 10 years now. I wanted to say thanks to all the folks here on the forum for their help and support with that book (as well as the Jingwu book). I always enjoyed talking with the folks here about Chinese martial arts history. Also too, a big thanks to Gene Ching for his help and support with my Chinese martial arts history research.

    The years can really go by quickly, I can't believe that book came out 11 years ago! It is interesting to see how the level of english language works on Chinese martial arts history has really improved over my adult lifetime. Getting more high quality information out there about the development of Chinese martial arts really is good for the arts.

    As for myself, I returned to the United States in late 2008--I have trouble believing that too!, I have been back from Taiwan for almost 8 years now. I still do various Chinese martial arts and still enjoy them. I also have done a bit of judo and jiujitsu since my return. I also wanted to learn a bit about the science aspects of fitness so I got a Senior Fitness certification with ISSA and I got alot out of that. This summer I hope to get back to my historical research on Chinese martial arts and as part of that I will be more active on the forums. I look forward to talking with folks here.

    take care,

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    Glad to see you back, and to hear that things are going well for you.

    And thank YOU for the excellent books. Looking forward to seeing what other books will result from your new research.
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    Good Morning Jimbo,
    It is great to hear from you. It really was a surprise to see how old that book is now. It is kind of interesting to see how martial arts historical studies have advanced. Another thing that was kind of interesting, I had not been on any internet forum for probably 6 or 7 years----it seems internet forums are not the hub of activity they used to be. I guess everyone is doing the Facebook thing or Twitter. In any event, great to see you again.

    take care,

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    Really love both the Manuals book and the Jingwu book, and I always recommend them to people interested in the real history of Chinese martial arts. I'd love to see a broader work from you exploring some of the themes from the first half of the Manuals book, or a book on the works of Wan Lai Sheng.
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