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Thread: Urban Explorers sneak into Fukishima

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    Urban Explorers sneak into Fukishima

    Something tells me these "geniuses" will one day regret their little adventure. Fukushima is extremely contaminated (many say even worse than Chernobyl), and they're dressed in shorts(!).

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    Greetings and Thank You for the share Jimbo,

    I wish I knew someone who could tell if they were really in that part of Japan.

    Jimbo, @ 1:43 I see the words SALE and FRIEND SHOP. Is this typical?

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    I don't know if it's typical to say something like 'Friend Shop', or if it's just one single business, or if that's some kind of franchise store in Japan, like Target or Wal-Mart are here. Sometimes, some businesses or other things in Japan (and other Asian countries) that are named in English use odd wording. As far as 'sale', I'm sure it just meant they were having a sale at the time of the disaster.

    I do believe the urban explorers actually did get into Fukushima. I have no real proof, other than a feeling. IMO, it would be extremely difficult to fake those locations.

    The only time I've ever spent in Japan was in stopover at Narita Airport on the way to, or from, Taiwan. And neither side of my family is from the main island of Honshu; my grandparents came from the islands of Kyushu and Shikoku, in southwestern Japan, quite a distance away from Fukushima.
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    I shot these in 2012 on the way to Sendai

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