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Thread: Non-Pugilistic Wing Chun

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    Here is an entry in the "The Rattan Ring" thread from the year 2000. Post #12:
    Hi Kymus,

    I beleive that Rene Ritchie has a book out on Yuen Kay San Wing Chun and describes some methods for utilizing the Rattan Ring.

    Keep in mind that when one mentions Ring Training there are several variations. There are the brass rings which are designed to slip over your wrist and provide tension/weight while performing hand movements. Also there are ones that are slightly larger designed for gripping training. And of course the ones in Wing Chun which usually have an inside diameter of 12-14". Never really got to play with those as my system does not seem to incorporate them. maybe I can get Rene to show how to use them if we ever meet in person. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]



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    I've seen the picture of ip man you refer to, some one posted it on here before, think if you do a Google picture search for "ip man" it appears... looks to me like it was about the same time he got all the pictures and videos of the forms recorded.

    never known my own lineage (samuel kwok) to use them, seems like one of those things he would of done a book about if he did have them lol

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