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Thread: Trump

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    And Hillary

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfen View Post
    It would be preferable to have a Turnip as President rather than HRC.
    About 35% chance we'll get the turnip, global facepalm.

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    By the way. I prefer TRUMP !

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    [QUOTE=wolfen;1297857]A Clear and Present Danger

    Your sudden switch from posting SNL comedy routines to producing anti-Trump propaganda from the controlled media shows that you did not post SNL as comedy but as Anti-Trump propaganda.

    No. I personally found the SNL stuff funny. I think what PEOPLE focus on is ridiculace and likely half of America and be swayed by the next set of this or that. Donald grabbed some *****. Oh **** that ,I don't want him. He fingerbangs broads who hang around for his money and fame. Wait, Hillary said what about the dead dudes in Benghazi . **** her, Im voting for Trump. Really half the people are like that. Back and forth. The vast majority of the rest never look any deeper than what their tvs tell them. Or remember stuff that happened 30+ years ago. Worse yet, is they do not even know anything from then. No, they take their beliefs from people who are really no better than SNL at reporting facts.

    My point of posting Trumps potential downfalls is to be honest as possible. You look and you decide. I could care less what someone wants to vote. I want Trump as President. The only thing I hope for is for Clinton supporters to look deeper in Clintons background. Here was some things I found on Donald to be fair.

    You , the individual , decide who is worse for the country in the end and vote the other way. I think Clinton is not the way to go. Period ! Here's information to help people decide. LOOK and THINK.

    Others should add their information.

    By the way. Bill Cosby is innocent.Yeah, girls never hung out with rich and famous guys hoping to **** them and then got upset when they got tossed aside. Welcome to HOLLYWOOD. No one there uses drugs EVER ! Man this world has got all twisted and stupid. Sure why not. Add another bathroom that says for people who don't have ****s or pussies and have become something no one else ever heard of before you . You are SPECIAL. Tell you what, Leave me the **** alone when I **** on the side of a building then ! I prefer to **** there. Im a guy.


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    Here's some **** for the stupid ****s.

    The guys screaming get a job to the welfare bums or whatever they like to call them. There are about half as many jobs as there are working able. Im talking REAL JOBS and not some made up numbers for positions that never get filled.

    Now what about all these kids entering the workforce. PART TIME. Good luck scoring fulltime unless you have made skills. Sorry, companies cant hire fulltime because they can not afford the taxes and healthcare costs. But they get a BIG TAX BREAK for hiring something like more then 30 partimers or some****.

    So at its base level of money in your ****ing pocket. Which candidate is say what they intend to do about that ? Which candidate saying this is my plan to bring jobs home ? Shut down NAFTA if need be. Maybe we can charge them massive tolls ? Why not the roads are built.

    Or we can basically do what we have been doing and going into another 4 more likely 8 years with a candidate with a factual ****ty record and continue spending massive amounts on worthless programs and departments.

    Im a BIG BELIEVER in majority rule and minority rights. If more than half of America wants to smoke pot. Why the **** are we not smoking pot legally ? If more than half of America wants to kick some mother****ers out the door. Why are they still here ? Trump needs to overhaul the legal system too. Its grown way to complex.

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