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Thread: Trump

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    Gene, the only thing I believe I may have crossed the line was post 49 in reply to post 48.

    Aside from that " in reply" comment Im unclear if there is anything else or something all together.

    Vote Trump !

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    Okay I believe that to be the post.


    Wolfen , never ever recommend I shoot my son because he wants to vote different that I do or believes differently than I do. Thank you for your consideration.

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    For those interested. My son believes Trump to be racist .

    I do not believe Trump to be any more racist than Hillary.

    I believe EVERYONE has some racism in them and a WHOLE LOT OF BIAS !

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    Not really. My mother just called. They just raised her health care again. Another 20 bucks a month.

    My son has not had to BUY his own health care insurance yet. DUH ! Lot these millennials don't understand other than Trump just mocked some cripple dude. Called some lady a fatass. Made comments about Mexico and China and who ever.

    They believe everyones a winner. They all got blue ribbons for participation. The winner was told to sit in the corner.

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    Here was my thought on a national health care system.


    Medicaid. It works. Everyone gets it. Flat rate percentage of income. Yes, wealthier folks you get to pay more. Dirt poor folks like now you get it for free. Those are the breaks.

    But it will kill private insurance was the gripe. WHY ? Sell private insurance to cover the things Medicaid refuses. What's that mean ? Well you rich folks will be buying extra insurance and you poor folks likely will not. Those are the breaks.

    Now I don't know about you area but people on Medicaid in Rochester have **** good insurance and treatment available. It beats most private insurance for coverage.

    But no. Medicaid and flat rating was not the better idea. Lets make a plan up the TOTALLY benefits the insurance companies and force Americans to buy it or pay a fine every year. That's like indentured servitude only you wont get freedom at the end. No, you keep paying.

    Hillary has no plans to scrap this mess of a national system instead she thinks she can fix it ? She cant. She does not really want too. Expect to pay more and more if she is elected.

    By the way back when her husband was the C&C she championed national health. Well she took insurance company money and shut up soon after. Take a look,
    This system benefits the companies and not the people. Rich folks don't need to worry . They have enough money to pay cash !


    Now you youngsters or those on Medicaid. Don't effect you. Lucky you until the day you are on your own or make enough to get of welfare and Medicaid. You go over the LINE.
    Maybe by a dollar . Yes. 1 dollar. And it is likely lowers than that. Guess what.

    Your national health care system cost starts at around 5 grand a person a year for a family of four and the coverage SUCKS ! Now Hillary I sure hope Hillary can afford it because 5 grand is a lot to like more than half the people on this forum that live in the US. People don't think. No, they react.

    Donald Trump is going to get us in a war with China. Really ? LMFAO. But Putin has warned Hillary to back off. Most people are not even aware of Putin. Donald hates illegals in our country. Guess what folks. EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY hates illegals inside their borders. Follow proper channels. And if you pass, welcome to the United States. Maybe you will consider becoming a citizen before your visa expires if that was your intent. You already have your job lined up and start 2 weeks form now. Enjoy the sights until then.
    By the way. You have NO PRIVALEGE to vote and doing so will get you arrested and possibly deported.

    read the comments after the article. That's the real article.
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    Well which ever candidate is elected tomorrow. I wish us as a whole, across the board improvements. Because tomorrow we find out who is our next president.
    Regardless which, that individual becomes my President .

    Good luck on who ever you choose.

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    I feel sorry for you guys and the choices you have.

    That said the choice is obvious:
    If you are ok with how things are, vote Hillary.
    If not, vote Trump.
    Psalms 144:1
    Praise be my Lord my Rock,
    He trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle !

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    Gotta say this one has me on the edge of my seat, even from here in China.

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    Fake Donald tweets

    Happy Year of the Flaming ****!

    Fake Donald Trump tweets are flooding Chinese social media
    Mr Trump has often spoken out strongly against China
    Staff Reporter Washington DC Saturday 28 January 2017

    Twitter is banned in China Al-Jazeera

    A series of fake tweets pretending to be those of President Donald Trump are hitting China’s social media as the Lunar New Year begins.

    According to a report in Al Jazeera, people are using an app called Jike, which allows a person to enter content and then screenshot a resulting tweet, and more than a million fake tweets have been created in both Chinese and English.

    Twitter is currently blocked in China, which could possibly make it hard for people to spot the difference between a real and fake tweet and has already fooled some people.

    Mr Trump is famous for his outspoken comments about China (Twitter)

    Among some of the more humorous tweets is one that says “Wish everybody a very happy Chinese New Year! I love China. I love the Chinese people just as I love Melania or Ivanka”, alluding to Mr Trump’s wife and daughter, respectively.

    Another plays off his campaign slogan saying “Make you Chicken year great again!” since this Lunar New Year will be for the Year of the Rooster, while another that likely came from a student wrote “All the universities should cancel their homework and exams for Chinese students to enjoy the Spring Festival”.

    Mr Trump has frequently spoken about the need to “get tough” on China, making proclamations such as “China is eating our lunch” and has said he would possibly label the nation as a currency manipulator, which has also been supported by some Democrats.

    The president’s rhetoric on China has even led to actor Alec Baldwin to mock Trump’s pronunciation of its name on the American comedy show Saturday Night Live.
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    How to get the 'One China Policy' upheld

    More on Trump toilets

    Production of Trump toilets hits sudden clog in China after President wins key battle in fight to trademark his OWN name in the country

    There are currently over 225 products sold in China with the 'Trump' trademark that he has no association with and does not profit from
    That is because the Chinese court did not deem him to be a person of enough fame or note to warrant having trademark rights to his name
    This appears to have changed just before the election, and in September he was allowed to trademark construction services with the 'Trump' name
    He previously lost his bid to do this in 2006 when Chinese citizen Dong Wei filed his application for the name two weeks prior
    The makers of the Trump toilet, which can administer pregnancy tests, said they will fight Trump in court if he tries to get them to remove the trademark
    Some are arguing that this is a clear example of President Trump profiting from his job, but a lawyer for the Trump organization dismissed that claim

    By Chris Spargo For
    PUBLISHED: 09:14 EST, 15 February 2017 | UPDATED: 15:41 EST, 15 February 2017

    President Donald Trump has gotten one step closer to flushing a line of toilets that are being sold in his name down the drain.

    The toilets are just one of the over 225 products that have been made and marketed in China over the past decade with the 'Trump' trademark, even though the President has no involvement with the companies and does not want to be associated with the goods.

    He also gets no money from the sales of these Trump-branded products, which range from condoms and pacemakers to pesticides and anti-aging creams as well as the aforementioned toilets, which can administer home pregnancy tests.

    President Trump scored a key victory back in September however when a judge ruled that he could use the 'Trump' trademark on construction services 10 years after the court rejected his initial bid because a Chinese citizen by the name of Dong Wei had filed his application two weeks prior.

    The decision ultimately boiled down to who had requested to use the 'Trump' trademark first because the court did not believe there was enough evidence to prove that President Trump was a famous or noteworthy person.

    In his new role as the leader of the free world however, President Trump has been deemed famous enough by the court to trademark his name.

    Scroll down for video

    Number one: President Trump (above on Feberuary 3 at the White House) may soon receive the trademark rights to his own name in China after a 10-year battle

    Take a seat: There are currently over 225 products being sold in China with the 'Trump' trademark that he has no association with and does not profit from (Zhong Jiye, a co-founder of Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co., with a Trump toilet on Monday)

    Unitalen Attorneys at Law has represented Trump in his Chinese trademark case for the past decade, during which time he has filed over 125 applications in hopes of putting his name on things like golf clubs, construction equipment, and software.

    President Trump filed 34 of these applications just last year according to The Washington Post.

    Of the applications he had filed, 77 of the trademarks have been approved, though many of those will soon be up for renewal.

    President Trump should now be able to get through the other 49 trademark applications he has filed in the past two tears which are pending, while also shutting down the production of goods that carry his trademark but have no association with his business.

    And that means more profit for the Trump Organization in the burgeoning Chinese market.

    The makers of Trump-branded luxury toilets are ready to fight back though and defend their right to continue making their high-tech waste receptacles while using the last name of the American commander-in-chief.

    Zhong Jiye, one of the co-founders of the company, said that the toilets nothing to do with President Trump and that the reason they chose the name is that the 'U' makes a nice toilet-seat shaped logo.

    He previously told NBC News: 'If Mr. Trump thinks our trademark violates his rights and interests, he can use legal methods because our company observes China's laws.'

    Jiye also took some time to speak about the innovation and popularity of the product, pointing out that in addition to the pregnancy tests on their home toilets there are also disposable seat covers and other hi-tech features on their public toilets.

    Close the lid: The makers of the Trump toilet (banners advertising above), which can administer pregnancy tests, said they will fight Trump in court if he tries to get them to remove the trademark

    Flushing it all away: Some are arguing that this is a clear example of President Trump profiting from his job, but a lawyer for the Trump organization dismissed that claim (the Trump locgo on the toilet above)

    President Trump reportedly spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars over the course of his lengthy court battle, stating at one point in 2011 that 'it appears the only two places in the world I am not well known are' China and [the country's Southern administrative region] Macau.'

    It will all be worth it though come Tuesday when the court invalidates Dong Wei's trademark for construction services, giving President Trump the green light to move forward with the usage of his name on those goods.

    This has led to some concern however by those who see this as an clear example of President Trump profiting from his position.

    'There can be no question that it is a terrible idea for Donald Trump to be accepting the registration of these valuable property rights from China while he’s a sitting president of the United States,' said Norman Eisen, who served as chief White House ethics lawyer for President Barack Obama.

    'It’s fair to conclude that this is an effort to influence Mr. Trump that is relatively inexpensive for the Chinese, potentially very valuable to him, but it could be very costly for the United States.'

    Alan Garten, chief legal officer of The Trump Organization, dismissed that claims however and pointed out that the trademarks were already in the works before the election.

    He also noted that President Trump had given control of his company to sons Donald Jr. and Eric just before he took office.

    China thanks Trump for supporting 'One China' during Xi call

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    Gracie vs. Trump!

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    Ralph Nader

    It is too bad Ralph Nader is no longer running.

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    So, I must apologize on behalf of America to England for that wiretap comment of President Trump. Clearly stuff like that never happens. And we all know how honest our Spy agencies are to us.

    Never mind. I withdraw the apology.

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    In fact, I want to issue a warning and put England on notice. Do not try and influence our elections or beliefs of our people. **** OFF ****ERS !

    Not intended to any Brits with no dog in this fight.

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    Half of America believes the next new thing on the boobtoob and cant wait to get the new carrot offer dangled them. The other half wants to kill the bad guys and shut bad government down.


    If our allies are no longer our allies then they are our enemies. Lets push back hard. Lets take to the edge.
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